Supporting Leftwing Veganism but Rejecting Vegan Fascism and Intolerance


I am of the opinion that humanity treats animal life in a generally appalling manner, in one way or another, and that an effective (and moral) manner to confront the ruthless industrialised (capitalist) farming industry, is to refuse to eat meat and fish, drink dairy milk, or wear (or use) any products made from animal products. This is, of course, primarily a dietary response to the 24 hour slaughter industry in the West. There are vegans, vegetarians and a number of diets that ‘limit’ the intake of animal products. Within Chinese Buddhism (or that system which inspires my dietary habits) advocates a strict vegetarian diet for its followers. Ordained Monks and nuns eat a ‘vegan’ diet of plain rice and mixed vegetable, whilst drinking water, certain types of tea, and perhaps soya milk. Devout lay-followers within Chinese Buddhism is also expected to be a ‘vegetarian’, but within the Chinese language, and due to the ‘strictness’ of Chinese Buddhist moral rules, there is no distinction between ‘vegan’ and ‘vegetarian’. Of course, in the UK things are very different, with some so-called ‘Animal Rights’ groups openly engaged in the rhetoric of anti-Chinese racism, and intolerance toward other cultures, as well as some vegan associations (and individuals) actively attacking anyone who does not hold their righting views, or who do not follow their particular dietary habits. Of course, I do not mean to say that ‘everyone’ who is vegan is intolerant to vegetarians or meat-eaters, or routinely practises racism, but some do, advocating an aggressive policy of attack and demean. Furthermore, just because someone is a vegan it does not necessarily follow that they adhere to a leftwing political doctrine – as some vegans manifest a distinctly ‘fascistic’ attitude and behaviour, and can in no way be described as ‘Marxist’, or ‘Marxist-Leninist’. These people ma not eat meat or use animal products, but nevertheless are fully supportive of the destructive capitalist system. The point is that individuals control their own diets and behaviours, and it is completely counter-productive to attempt to ‘force’ people to follow a diet (or political doctrine) that they do not yet understand, or have no reason to follow. The only way to change people for the better is through a non-coercive educational process – and the use of a fascistic forcefulness.  Although I am a vegan-vegetarian, as a Marxist-Leninist, I am continuously striving to peacefully and politically transform the current ‘brutal’ and predatory capitalist system we currently live under as a means to free the British Working Class from the tyranny of bourgeois oppression. Eating meat in the modern era (as Marx Explains in Das Kapital I) is entirely premised upon the industrialisation of farming (prior to this, the European peasantry ate a mostly grain-related diet). Intolerant vegans must stop ‘attacking’ those who do not share their views, and understand that the true enemy of humanity (and animals) is the capitalist system.

Jeremy Corbyn and My Considered Position on the ‘Jade Forest’ (玉林 – Yu Lin) Dog Festival (13.6.2017)


In 2015, Jeremy Corbyn raised the issue of the Yulin Dog Festival in Parliament – expressing his concern for the welfare of the dogs concerned, the conditions within which they are allegedly kept, and the manner in which they are apparently killed. He called upon the Chinese government to ‘ban’ this event which sees around 10,000 to 15,000 dogs killed and eaten each year during the evening of the day of the Summer Solstice. I have written numerous times on this blog about Animal Rights in China, and have complained continuously about the Eurocentric and racist manner in which Western narratives of China – continuing the imperialist paradigm of attempting to ‘dominate’ at the point of contact – portray one-fifth of humanity (i.e. one billion people) as racially inferior, morally flawed, and culturally and politically backward. I must state from the start, that as a vegetarian I support Jeremy Corbyn’s unflinching support for Animal Rights, but would urge caution when acting as an intermediary for certain Animal Rights Groups in the West, that whilst using the veneer of animal welfare when it comes to assessing China, nevertheless pursue a thoroughly ‘racist’ paradigm in their critique of China. The race-hate aimed at China through Western Animal Rights rhetoric, is often delivered through purely ‘imaginative’ scenarios with no basis in fact. For a start, most involved in this kind of malignant ‘China watching’ do not possess the ability to read, write, or speak the Chinese language, and therefore are unable to provide any Chinese language source articles or materials to support their opinions. I want to make it clear that Jeremy Corbyn did not partake in this hyperbole, but rather very carefully read-out details (in English) that I have read in the Chinese language on the Mainland Chinese internet. In fact, as I am sure Jeremy Corbyn already knows, eating dog and cat meat has been illegal in China for a number of years – but there is a legal distinction between pets which are protected under Chinese law) – and dogs and cats that are bred to be eaten. This must be understood in a correct historical context, as the Communist Party of China has stated that it would prefer that the eating habits of feudalistic China, not be retained in an affluent, progressive and forward-looking Socialist China. As far as the Yulin Dog Festival is concerned, the Local Government of Yulin has officially stated that it is an event not supported by the CPC, and which the authorities have interrupted on numerous occasions – with the police ‘freeing’ lorry-loads of dogs into the hands of local Chinese Animal Rights activist (yes – China has ‘Animal Rights activists’) – of course, very little of this reality in China, finds its way into the West. As I am concerned about the ‘Eurocentric’ nature of much of the criticism of the Yulin Dog Festival in the West, I cannot, and do not, align myself with it, as I am well aware of its racist undertones (despite the fact that I personally believe the killing and eating of animals is wrong). The only way I could support such a criticism of the Yulin Dog Festival from a Western position, would be if all the correct Chinese cultural details were acquired and understood by the various (and concerned) Animal Rights Groups in the West, as well as including and/or consulting the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Chinese Animal Rights Groups (in China), which should be invited to contribute to the drafting of the eventual statement of criticism. As matters stand, very few Westerners understand that the CPC has drafted many Animal Rights laws, and is even considering a universal legal statement about the sanctity of animal life (this is still being debated due to its legal implications for commercially farmed meat). This has come about due to the activities of Mainland Chinese Animal Rights Groups that work quietly but determinedly behind the scenes and inaccordance with the law. Many people in the West have no idea that Chinese Buddhism (even under Communism), insists that its practitioners follow a strictly vegetarian (or vegan) diet, and that compassion toward all beings (including animals) is a primary practice. This is the motivating attitude that underlies the formation of the many Chinese Animal Rights Groups in Mainland China. These groups do not exist in ‘opposition’ to the CPC, but work in co-operation with it, slowly but surely working through the required re-forms so as to ensure that animals are treated with respect. I think it is unreasonable to demand that the CPC ‘bans’ the Yulin Dog Festival (as the CPC never sanctioned it in the first place) – whilst Animal Rights Groups in the West continuously fail to call for the ‘ban’ of 24hr slaughter factories that exist throughout the UK (as this would upset the capitalistic profit of the industrialised meat industry).

China: Yulin Dog Meat Festival Not ‘Officially’ Sanctioned by Government (10.6.2014)


Original Chinese Language Text By:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

See Also: China: Anti-Eating Dogs & Cats Law – 5000 Yuan Fine & 15 Days Imprisonment

Translator’s Note: Here, the Local Government responsible for managing the Yulin City area, issues an official communique rejecting any and all allegations that it is responsible for the ‘Yulin Dog Festival’, or that it facilitates such an activity through any of its departments or social services. The Yulin Local Government, of course, part of the regional representation of the Communist Party of China (CPC), would have only issued such a statement of ‘legal’ denial, if it had been sanctioned by the Central Government in Beijing. Therefore, this local statement may be responsibly taken to reflect the viewpoint of the CPC National Government. Chinese language texts state that dog meat is eaten in ‘North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam and some European countries’, and that the opposition to it in China stems from the influence of foreign religions – or other politically motivated Eurocentric organisations, that attack China’s political system indirectly through various aspects of established Chinese culture. Dog meat is generally considered ‘yang’ or of ‘hot energy’, which is considered ‘bad’ for consumption at any other time of the year – as it is believed to create ‘anger’ in the blood of the eater. However, it is also believed that on the evening of the Summer Solstice (at 6pm), the heat is so strong in the area that it cancels-out the ‘heat’ in the dog meat – thus revealing its healing properties to humans. This is more a superstition than Chinese science, and is an idea that today has been seized upon by one or two profit-minded individuals. The bigger picture in China is that many Chinese people pursue an Animal Rights agenda that is internally effective, and has no direct contact with its Western counter-parts, primarily due to the inherent racist attitudes in certain strands of it. Lastly, Buddhism in China demands that its followers are completely vegetarian, and this means many Chinese people routinely eat no meat at all. ACW 19.5.2017

News from Southern China: The Municipal Government of the Yulin City area of Guangxi province, recently issued a statement through the Yulin News Network, stating that the so-called ‘Summer Solstice Lychee Dog Meat Festival’ is not ‘officially’ sanctioned or ‘recognised’ by any of its departments, and is not a (legally) sanctioned national holiday. Therefore, this activity is a spontaneous ‘folk’ activity perpetuated by certain local people in the area, that was once just a local tradition, but which has now become distorted and motivated only by monetary ‘profit’. In fact, neither the Yulin City Government, nor any of its civil organisations, encourages or facilitates this behaviour, and certainly does not ‘officially’ support any form of ‘Summer Solstice Lychee Dog Meat Festival’.

Historically, this is a local tradition which states that if dog meat and lychee fruit are eaten together at the same time on the Summer Solstice, the meal can cure and prevent disease. These ideas developed out of poverty in the old days, where once a year local people would eat dog meat during the time lychee fruit ripened. For many, this was the only time any meat was available (with dog meat being considered medically bad for consumption at any other time of the year) – but today – due to the greed of a few misled people, this activity has grown into a money-making business.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

Original Chinese Language Text:

广西玉林否认官办狗肉节 称只是民间的说法

南都讯 广西玉林市政府日前在玉林新闻网发布声明,称所谓“夏至荔枝狗肉节”只是个别商家和民间的一种说法,其实并不存在这个节日。玉林市政府或任何社会组织都没有举办过任何形式的所谓“夏至荔枝狗肉节”活动。




Chinese People Being Kind to Animals (Photographs)


Many Chinese people living in Mainland China are influenced by the Buddhist and Daoist practises of vegetarianism and being ‘kind’ to animals. As a Communist country – it is well known that Karl Marx spoke-out against the barbarity of the industrialised farming system and its drive to produce great amounts of cheaply produced ‘meat’ for human consumption. Many people in China have an idea of Animal Rights that is deeply entrenched in their psyche, and the product of thousands of years of continuous culture – although, of course, some Chinese people do eat meat (either regularly or occasionally). As China has prospered since 1949, the government has banned the eating of cats and dogs – simply because it is not necessary, as other types of meat is far more available and easier to acquire (where this ‘illegal’ activity continues – it is carried-out by criminal gangs that are severely punished when caught). However, many Western Animal Rights groups use the excuse of ‘animal welfare’ as a means to propagate ‘anti-Chinese’ racism disguised as ‘concern’ for standards of animal care. During this activity, the Chinese people are portrayed as ‘sub-human’ and their behaviour toward animals as ‘barbaric’. This is nothing more than a racist stereotype in operation that is very common in the West. Questionable petitions, photo-shopped pictures and fake stories are used to rope-in unsuspecting people in supporting a racist attack upon China, justified by a fallacious sense of Eurocentric ‘moral outrage’. This demonstrates the ‘imperialist’ nature of many of these supposed ‘Animal Rights’ groups in the West, the members of which express no concern for the inequalities their fellow human beings suffer, the animal cruelty prevalent in the West (due to Christian dogma that animals ‘have no souls’), or the fact that most of them live very close to a 24 hour slaughter factory! Before assisting in these racist attacks on China, always take time to check the validity of the story, and assess whether the there is any better way of approaching the situation. Many people in China love animals and strive daily to improve conditions, and would welcome a constructive Western input premised upon equality and mutual respect.


















Facebook Corruption


For quite sometime. I resisted joining Facebook because I was opposed to its ‘mining’ of my personal information without my permission, but as more and more of my friends joined, I decided to follow. However, as Facebook steals our personal information and sells it to ‘unknown’ businesses and corporations without our prior knowledge or consent, I decided to use a different tact. Instead of spending all my time trying to out-manoeuvre Facebook technology (which is deliberately designed to be ‘hidden’ from those directly subject to it), I decided to use this ‘hidden’ route for my own advantage as a means to bring-down the capitalist system that is Facebook, and post leftwing political ideology far and wide. In this manner, Facebook would have to ‘sell’ my information, but the information I am giving it is of no use, at least in the conventional sense. Capitalist industry does not want to ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ Socialist ideology that a) exposes its corruption, and b) provides the cognitive and physical means to bring-down the oppressive capitalist system. This is using the data-mining strategy of Facebook in a tactical manner that undermines Facebook greed and corruption. Of course, Facebook has countered this move by applying the policing of ‘ghosting’, whereby selected accounts and posts are ‘blocked’ from being spread throughout the Facebook industrial complex, without the owner of the account knowing directly what has happened, although it can be ascertained through the fact that accounts that are popular suddenly have posts that nobody ‘likes’. The posts remain ‘isolated’ and no one else is allowed to see them. The problem Facebook has is that ‘ghosting’ is time-consuming, expensive, and ultimately runs counter to the logic of capitalism (which always seeks expanding markets). Ghosting may be added to the Facebook policy that is ‘anti-left’, and ‘anti-Animal Rights’, as a broad attempt to keep Facebook members generally supportive of the rightwing, fascism, Zionism and racism. The point is to make the information I share on Facebook so toxic to capitalism that Facebook finds it very difficult to ‘share’ it in such a manner that makes them the usual ‘behind the scenes’ profit. Facebook used to share information far and wide (as that was its initial purpose and function), before it became so popular that it was ready for Mark Zuckerberg to ‘monetise’ Facebook and start charging for its services behind the scenes. I would suggest you use the Facebook capitalist policy of covertly ‘selling’ your personal data for Zuckerberg’s profit, and spread leftwing political ideology (which acts like a virus in the bloodstream of greed).

Quadrangle of Evil: Wikipedia, Lady Gaga, the Guardian and the Dalai Lama


Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Germanotta, and she is of Italian Catholic descent. She is a multimillionaire and her behaviour is that of a class enemy of the people.  She has made her fortune in the record industry, and has been embroiled in a number of legal battles involving alleged fraud associated with her so-called ‘charity’ work, and she is famous for refusing to help the survivors of the Haiti earthquake.  As she has her own cosmetic line, she supports animal testing, and opposes Animal Rights.  Her Wiki page can be read here:

Lady Gaga – Wiki

In 2015, the Catholic Germanotta met the 14th Dalai Lama in the US under the pretext of ‘studying’ Buddhism.  Just why a highly controversial and unelected dissident leader (and a fading pop-star) were invited to a Conference of US Mayors has never been adequately or convincingly explained.  This is how Germanotta’s Wiki page describes evets:

‘On June 26, 2016, Gaga attended the 84th Annual US Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis where she joined with Dalai Lama to talk about the power of kindness and how to make the world a more compassionate place. The Chinese government added Gaga to a list of hostile foreign forces, and Chinese websites and media organizations were ordered to stop uploading or distributing her songs. The Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China (CCPPD) also issued order for State-controlled media to condemn this meeting.’

What is interesting about Eurocentric, anti-Chinese racism is its manic and illogical nature.  A statement that appears within Western media about China, if it is true, should originate from a Chinese language media source, but in the case of the above (obviously fabricated) extract, the Wiki author(s) simply state that this information was acquired from the British bourgeois-left Guardian newspaper – and not a Chinese language source after-all.  The Guardian did not acquire this information from a Chinese language source either, for reasons that will become apparent.  It is common place for Western newspapers to support the Dalai Lama’s distorted and dishonest interpretation of Chinese and Tibetan history, as well as his often inaccurate and occasionally ‘bizarre’ interpretation of Buddhism.  This is part of the on-going US Cold War policy designed to bring-down the Chinese Communist State by any means at its disposal – with lying through the media being a preferred method because it is cheap.  Most Westerners cannot read, write or speak the Chinese language, and as a general rule, have no idea how to access the (Mainland) Chinese language internet.  This is how the Western media gets away with its anti-China racism and false-flag stories.  Lady Gaga is not, and has never been ‘banned’ in Communist China, and neither has any mention or reference to her pop career been erased from the Chinese internet.  In fact, her meeting with the Dalai Lama, although criticised by her Chinese fan base, is nevertheless available for all to read.  I provide below the ‘Baidu’ Chinese internet page that carries hundreds, if not thousands of entries for Lady Gaga – referenced through the photographs that accompanying the articles:

lady gaga 达赖喇嘛

It is obvious that the Guardian, Wikipedia, Lady Gaga and the Dalai Lama are colluding in thir collective lying.  However, I translate below a typical Chinese language article dealing with Lady Gaga’s later communication with the Dalai Lama (which occurred a full 20 days AFTER the news article reported in the Guardian) as reported in the Chinese media, the implications of which have been ignored in the West (as this would expose the ‘lie’ of Lady Gaga being ‘banned’ in China).  This article is dated the 16.7.2016:

‘The popular US female singer Lady Gaga attracted widespread criticism from her internet fan-base in China recently, when she invited the Dalai Lama to officiate over her wedding to US actor Taylor Ginny.  Particularly after the Dalai Lama ‘accepted this invitation’ without hesitation.  The US Inquirer website stated that following her meeting with the Dalai Lama at the end of June, many of her fans in China were shocked by her behaviour and anti-China comments, and have stopped supporting her, leading to much criticism on the Chinese internet.  This US website also speculated that her behaviour might lead to her being ‘banned’ in China.  Whatever the case, her deliberate anti-China comments have led to an over-night collapse of her popularity in China. 

The French media, and many other Western media outlets, reported that officials of China’s Foreign Ministry stated with regard to Lady Gaga’s meeting with the Dalai Lama at the end of June, that they did not know who Lady Gaga was, but were hopeful that the West would become aware of the true and deceptive nature of the Dalai Lama, and not trust his statements or behaviour..

Original Chinese Language Source Text:

美国流行女歌手Lady Gaga被爆近日邀请达赖喇嘛主持她与美国男星泰勒·金尼的婚礼,达赖已“接受邀请”。此事引发中国网民强烈批评。

美国《生活与生活方式》杂志13日援引一名消息人士的话称,为配合达赖的日程,Lady Gaga把婚期调整到秋天,婚礼举办地可能在印度或泰国。该人士还称,“Lady Gaga最近在钻研佛教”。美国因奎西特尔网站报道说,Lady Gaga6月底在网上直播见达赖,就曾在中国网民中引起众多负面评价。Lady Gaga在中国拥有众多粉丝,她的行为或许还会导致她今后在中国被“禁演”。这一次,不少中国粉丝表示要“抛弃”Lady Gaga。一些粉丝在网上说,“失望了,爱不起了”“以前那么喜欢Gaga,现在看来算了,粉转黑”。

法新社等多家外媒此前称,中国外交部发言人6月底被问及Lady Gaga见达赖一事时表示不认识Lady Gaga,希望国际社会认清达赖的真实面目和本质。


Anti-Austerity March – London 16.4.2016


Thousands of Communists, Socialists and other supporters of the Leftwing, gathered in London’s Gower Street to campaign against Tory ‘Austerity’ and EU-inspired predatory capitalism.  The Communist Party of Britain (CPB) called for the UK to leave the EU in the upcoming referendum on May 5th.


Since 2010 to the present, the UK has been oppressed by a far-rightwing Tory administration (that was briefly assisted by the duplicitous Liberal Democrats) that has systematically set about destroying the Welfare State, Social Services, and the National Health Service.  This has been a typical Tory policy of cutting Benefits for the vulnerable, ill, disabled and unemployed, whilst simultaneously legislating pointless tax-cuts for the rich.  At least 10,000 people with disabilities have died since 2010 due to Benefit-cuts – and there is rumours that the figure could be as high as 80,000!  This is why the UK has become the only Western country in modern times to be investigated by the United Nations for alleged ‘Crimes Against Humanity’, but the suffering in the UK does not stop here.  Ordinary people are dying from starvation, homelessness, and lack of sufficient medical care.  To deal with this new holocaust against the poor, the Tory government has allowed charities to set-up food parcel distribution centres – which give-out food packages (of little nutrition) donated by the very supermarkets that fully backed the Tory ‘austerity’ measures.  These greedy supermarkets are now registering depleted profit margins as working class people have less money to spend, as many are now relying on pound shops where it is easier to keep an eye on expenditure.  As the NHS is privatised, the Tories are cutting grants and other benefits to student-nurses and student midwives.  The point of this is to make it virtually impossible to train for the NHS because of lack of financial support from the government.  Private firms are now offering to cover a nurse or midwife’s ‘fees’ providing they agree to work within private health, once qualified.  As this happens more and more, the NHS will suffer an ever increasing shortage of staff, and will have to be finally shut-down.  Elderly people are now having their pensions took away when they go into a care-home, with many having to also ‘sell’ the home they had brought in their younger days.  Care homes no longer have to employ properly qualified staff, and the standard of care is now dangerous and shocking.  In the middle of this capitalist feeding-frenzy, the disabled people are now having to ‘pay’ for equipment such as wheelchairs or scooters, from unqualified people running ‘mobility centres’ and the like, the sole purpose of which is to sell generally second and third rate equipment at the highest price, with no concern for the disabled person’s welfare.  These are just some of the injustices that motivated tens of thousands of people to take to the streets of London and protest the Tory’s austerity measures that only benefit the minority of rich and penalise the majority of poor.  Another issue has been the upsurge in racism in the UK which has even seen the Church of England openly supporting the racist British National Party.  The march ended in Trafalgar Square where probably around a hundred thousand people congregated to listen to speeches calling for the Tories to leave office, and for the end of ‘Austerity’. In Trafalgar Square was a very well thought-out Animal Rights presentation staged by young people who were collectively magnificent in presenting their message against animal cruelty – a message we fully support.
























Racism and Animal Rights


As a supporter of the Leftwing, I fully support the principle of raising the level of human consciousness, and in so doing, changing the manner we as a species interact with animals and insects, etc. At the moment the default setting for human-animal interaction is at a cruel setting, administered through hatred and anger (and even enjoyment), or a complete indifference to the plight of other species as they suffer through human action or inaction. The Animal Rights Movement is not naturally Leftwing, but is split into a Left and a Right camp. The rightists are fascist and over-sentimentalise Animal Rights, whilst allowing all kinds of abhorrent behaviour to be committed against other human beings – they are also inherently racist. They follow the bizarre example of Adolf Hitler who was a vegetarian and who enacted some of the first ever laws banning animal cruelty and experimentation – at exactly the same time as he ordered people with disabilities to be euthanized, and Jews, homosexuals, dissidents, Communists and ethnic minorities to removed from society through shooting, starving, gassing and other brutal methods. Needless to say the fascist rightwing is very active in the UK and the West, and is always racializing Animal Rights. In reality it should make no difference whatsoever what religion or complexion a human being possesses who is caught brutalising another species – it is the ‘brutalising’ of an animal that is the obvious issue for Animal Rights campaigners. It is the hateful thought processes and the destructive physical actions they produce that are the only issue, simply because it is through changing attitudes that behaviours are also changed. When this important point is established, then why is it that the rightwing Animal Rights lobby always refers to the ethnicity of an abuser of animals if they happen to be Black, Chinese or Asian, but never refer to a European animal abuser as being ‘White’? Why is it that the abuse of animals that involves non-Europeans is always associated with Black, Chinese and Asian cultures (as if these cultures are inherently inferior), but the European cultures of ‘White’ animal abusers is always ignored and left-out of the equation? In other words, why is that White animal abuse is culture-neutral, whilst Black, Chinese and Asian animal abuse is culture-specific? The answer is simple, the rightwing Animal Rights lobby pursues the ideology of racism hidden behind a thin-veneer of an ‘apparent’ concern for the welfare of animals. Rightwing Animal Rights is the enemy of humanity and the enemy of animals, because it is the fascist ideology of embracing and perpetuating the very human ignorance that causes animal abuse in the first place!

Chinese Performance Artist Protests Against Eating Dog Meat


Original Chinese Language Article: By Zhou Ying (周颖)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

‘At the time of the cold winter solstice, the dog meat is plump.’ The Chinese have always had the custom of eating dog meat at the winter solstice. In recent years the topic of eating dog meat at the winter solstice has become hotly discussed by the general public in China, many of whom are opposed to eating dog meat and have made their voices heard. As the winter solstice approached this year, the ‘Yi’ family of Guiyang killed a dog at the entrance of their shop. As this happened, the performance artist named Pian Shan Kong stripped naked and placed himself in a dog cage, whilst appealing to everybody not to kill dogs and eat their meat! Although some witnesses were critical – asking why it was that he did not protest about the eating of fish, poultry, pigs and sheep – many others showed open support for his actions.

During the evening of the 19.12.2011, the 40 year-old performance artist from Guiyang – Pian Shan Kong – took off his clothes, and whilst wearing only his underwear, he climbed into the metal cage that just 20 minutes before had housed the dog that had been slaughtered. He assumed a posture like that of a dog, together with a frightened attitude, in the hope that he could inspire compassion and loving kindness in the minds of those watching.

As he climbed into the cage – members of the Guiyang Protection Life Association – immediately gathered around and lifted-up placards asking the people not to eat dog meat. The shop staff who saw this demonstration, stopped the slaughter immediately, cleared away the evidence and closed the shop. Witnesses reported that many local people agreed with Pian Shan Kong’s protest and supported his protest, whilst others thought it was hypocritical because of the focusing of the demonstration only upon the killing and eating of dogs.

Pian Shan Kong has been involved in a number of actions designed to apology on behalf of humanity for cruel behaviour against animals, and inspire others to be kind and considerate to animals. He believes that humanity should cherish all animal life. Last year he built a 5m circular wooden food bowl with two cleavers stuck in the wood. He climbed on top of this structure and kowtowed an apology for humanity’s behaviour toward a group of assembled dogs that were tied-up.

Last year – Pian Shan Kong – began a 3 year project of travelling around all the zoos in China, entering cages and bowing his head to the ground in apology to all the animals. He has already travelled over the southwest of China, including Yunnan, and Sichuan. This includes a visit to Changsha Ecological Zoo where he bowed to tigers, leopards, pythons, and chickens, etc.

Some critics of Pian Shan Kong have asked why he took this opportunity to make his point, and why he does not seem to care about the welfare of other animals. This criticism is based upon some people in China thinking that eating dog meat is acceptable, and that the preservation of ‘life’ should not be extended to include animals or animal rights. Pian Shan Kong disagrees and has replied to this criticism by explaining that when he bows to dogs in apology for humanity’s brutal behaviour toward them, he is in fact bowing out of respect to all animal life. He sincerely hopes that through his behaviour, humanity will change its attitudes toward dogs – and all animals.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

Original Chinese Language Article:













Close Slaughter-houses: London – Picadilly Circus 15.6.13


This event was organised and supported by Animal Equality, Animal Aid, and the Vegan Society, amongst others, who are campaigning against the cruelty animals are subjected to within the commercial farming process, and the killing of animals (in slaughter-houses and elsewhere) for human consumption.  As Buddhists and Socialists we attended in the spirit of solidarity, representing Animal Voices Torbay, a group that does much to help animals locally.  This event occurred simultaneously around the world including London, Toulouse, Toronto, Istanbul, Zagreb, Houston, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Bauru in Brazil.  A similar demonstration in Paris happened on the 25.5.13.


The message is twofold: animals are treated in a despicable manner from birth to unnatural death, and this process is the product of an uncaring commercial system that treats animals as unfeeling, inanimate objects.  Animals are sentient beings that feel pain, fear, and terror during their short lives.  To stop the commercial farming of animals people are encouraged to become vegetarians and/or vegans.  If enough people changed their diets, then the capitalist system that exploits animals would collapse.  Many believe that animals are equal to humans, but suffer due to the fact that they are viewed as inferior.  This flawed perspective is called ‘Anti-speciesist’:


Around 200 people attended the rally:


People wrapped like fresh meat:


There were a number of poignant speeches delivered by various animal rights campaigners that explained the dreadful plight of animals in the world and how each individual can help change this situation by changing their attitudes and eating habits.  It was agreed that people need to be educated about what is actually happening to animals within the process of commercialised farming:

IMAG1351 IMAG1354


This was a very successful rally that achieved its objective of raising awareness of the issues surrounding the treatment of animals in farming, and which assisted the educational process by giving out free information regarding vegetarianism and veganism.  The event was well organised and disciplined throughout.


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