Soviet War Memorial – Metta Meditation (17.5.15)

Grounds of the Imperial War Museum - London
Grounds of the Imperial War Museum – London







During the Second World War the USSR was invaded and brutalised by the fascist and genocidal forces of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  This invasion took the German military emphasis away from the UK (and the USA) – who had been encouraged by British diplomats (and others) to attack the USSR prior to the start of WWII.  The duplicitous Winston Churchill, for instance, was quite happy for Nazi Germany to destroy the Soviet Union – until Britain itself fell prey to the Nazi menace.  Then Churchill gleefully encourage Joseph Stalin to mobilise the Soviet peoples in an all-out – life or death struggle – against Nazi tyranny, whilst simultaneously working behind the scenes for the downfall of World Socialism due to its ‘barbarity’.  As matters transpired – and despite Churchill’s treachery – the forces of the USSR eventually triumphed, but at an awful price in human life.  It is estimated that around 27 million Soviet citizens perished in this all out war.  Today we generated loving kindness and compassion in their memory.

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