Soviet War Memorial UK (9.5.2017): Commemorating the Soviet Victory Over Nazi Germany and Exposing Bourgeois Duplicity

Today, the ordinary people of Britain are living in a democratic system that allows a small middle class to keep electing rightwing governments (including ‘New Labour’) that deliberately pursue rightwing policies that are hurtful toward the working class. This demonstrates that the fight against fascism is not only in the past (as the bourgeois would have us believe), but exists here and now in the present.

London UKIP Watch: You Know When the Nuttals are in Town!

These are ignorant working class people are brain-washed by the bourgeoisie to follow the fallacy of racism, and manifest a false consciousness. Socialism is progressive and scientific whilst fascism is premised upon mythology and ignorance, whilst Communist are more moral than rightwing thugs and stormtroopers. UKIP – get out of our city – we do not want you in the same place that has a Soviet War Memorial!

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