My Letter to SF Leather on Behalf of Turkish Workers

SF Leather

Today, I received a personal message on Facebook asking for my assistance in a workers’ dispute between former employees of SF Leather in Turkey, and the Management of this leather processing industry. SR Leather makes products for the well-known Mulberry brand. The message I received reads:

‘We are the dismissed workers from SF Leather Company in Turkey. SF Leather Company fired when we became a union membership. We are now picket line in front of Ege Free Zone, Izmir. After the dismissals, SF Leather Management forced to resign workers from their union membership at the plant. %90 of production at SF Leather is for Mulberry brand. Mulberry is producing luxury bags at SF Leather. But wages of workers at SF are minimum wage. Working time is very long. We want you to send a mail to Mulberry and demand to;

  • -Reinstate the dismissed workers
  • -Respect workers’ rights and freedom of association

Solidarity, The dismissed workers from SF Leather Company. For sending a mail to Mulberry;

This is the email I have sent on behalf of the Turkish workers:

Dear Company Secretary

I write from London (UK) in connection to the recently dismissed and denial of basic rights of the workers formerly employed by SF Leather (in Turkey).  consider these dismissals to be illegal under National and International Law, and immoral under any measure of common decency, and call upon the Management of SF Leather to immediately:

1) Reinstate the dismissed workers

2) Respect workers’ rights and freedom of association I

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Dr Adrian Chan-Wyles

Buddhist-Marxism Alliance (UK)

This is the reply that I have received:

RE: Please Re-instate the Dismissed Workers of SF Leather
Wednesday, May 20, 2015 1:04 PM

Thank you for your email.  We are fully aware of the situation at our supplier SF Leather in Izmir, Turkey.  We understand that the matter is now following a legal process and it would therefore be inappropriate for Mulberry to comment on the details of the case.   However we are working closely with the SF Leather management team to ensure that they are compliant with our Global Sourcing Principles and particularly, in this instance, the right to Freedom of Association and Employee Representation.

As a global brand and manufacturer (with two of our own factories in the UK) we take the responsibilities and rights outlined in our Sourcing Principles extremely seriously and we expect a very high standard from our suppliers, carrying out regular 3rd party factory audits and implementing corrective action plans where required.  I can assure you that we are taking this matter very seriously and we look forward to seeing a favourable resolution in place.



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