Joseph Stalin on Democracy and Trotsky’s Six Errors (17.1.1924)

That is why, when Preobrazhensky and Trotsky declared at the October plenum that they wanted to save the Party through democracy, but that the C.C. was blind and saw nothing, the C.C. laughed at them and replied: No, comrades, we, the C.C., are wholeheartedly for democracy, but we do not believe in your democracy, because we feel that your “democracy” is simply a strategic move against the C.C. motivated by your factionalism.

The (Maoist) Shining Path & Abimael Guzman

Between 1964 and 1980, the Shining Path followed a path of primarily ideological agitation against this revisionism, but in 1980, Abimael Guzman changed the operating stance of the Shining Path to one of Revolutionary armed struggle. This was in response to the ever growing influence of the United States in Peru, and the intensification of government-led massacres carried-out against the ordinary Peruvian people (the majority of which were comprised of masses of peasantry, as was the case with pre-Revolutionary China).

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