Kherson: US-Friendly News from the Front! (15.11.2022)

A Supposed Resident of Kherson ‘Conveniently’ Communicates in ‘English’ for Ukrainian News! What Are the Chances?

This reminds me of how the side supported by the US (acting within non-English speaking nations or regimes) always manages to give interviews (or holds up signs – sometimes upside as is the case with many Falun Gong Cult examples) using the English language – which virtually no one ‘local’ – or situated around them can understand or read! Obviously, these anti-intellectual news articles are staged and fabricated for the consumption of US audiences sat on their sofas – and whose tax-dollars are funding the missiles and the bombs currently being dropped and fired!

The Russian response to the above news article involves a disappointing mixture of racism, animal cruelty (particularly against pigs), misogyny and homophobia. A far cry from the ‘Internationalism’ of yester-year! This is the proud work of capitalism and it took just 31 years for the Western part of the USSR to disassociate itself completely from the Central and Eastern side of the same Soviet Union – effectively going to war with itself! This is exactly what the Bourgeois Class wants and prefers (as routine race-hate and murder is good for profit-orientated business and prevents the working-class from ‘uniting’ around the Socialist ideology)!

Today, in modern Russia, Nationalism is encouraged by the controlling Bourgeois State – just as Nationalism is the controlling ideology of the of the Bourgeois State that dominates the Ukraine! It is a war of competing Nationalist ideologies controlled by the same dominant Bourgeois Class (which uses the bodies of the working-class as ‘fuel’) – with a Western-backed and anti-Russian Neo-Nazi regime operating as part of that Bourgeois dominance in the Ukraine!

Of course, the dominant (and ‘Revisionist’) Communist Party of Russia is fully supportive of Russian (Bourgeois) Nationalism rather than performing its function of opposing it with Marxist-Leninism – reaching out to the Ukrainian workers with a sense of Solidarity – as a means to undermine the Bourgeois manipulation that is occurring in both countries! This attitude of colluding with capitalism proably stems from the fact that the CPR has elected Representatives in the Russian Parliament!

Although there are other (non-revisionist) ‘Communist Parties’ in Russia – none of them have any general support in a capitalist Russia dominated by liberal democracy is conflicting with a capitalist Ukraine dominated by an identical liberal elite – but one which calls to the destructive and derisive history of Adolf Hitler to generate (and support) its Western-friendly (anti-Russian) ideology and political-military trajectory!

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