UK: Strange Weather for December! (16.12.2022)

A Very Strange and Improbable Set of Meteorological Readings!

he weather in South London is set to vary between -3 degrees Celsius and +13 degrees Celsius in the space of just five days! I was once researching a Study Paper (for the ‘Revisionist’ Communist Party of Britain) regarding the probability of ‘Global Warming’ a few years ago and was surprised to find that despite mainstream (Bourgeois) and centre-left assertions that ‘Global Warming’ is definitely ‘true’ – when ALL reliable data is considered the chances of it being ‘true’ are no more than 50-50. 

Of course, the CPB (Croydon Branch) apriori approached this theory as if it had already been proven and scientifically verified beyond a reasonable doubt – as every good Bourgeois deviation does (the right-wing ‘Green Party’ is a good example of this). My ‘independent’ research revealed that throughout the known (observable and measurable) history of the Earth (which has existed around 4.6 billion years) – the weather, climate and environmental conditions have seldom remained ‘stable’ (like some Christian heavenly paradise) – but have radically and dramatically altered at an alarming and astonishing rate! 

Even during the US-contrived ‘Cold War’ – the US laughingly accused the USSR of using Socialist Science to construct a ‘Weather Altering Machine’ to be used as an ideological weapon (forcing the UN during the 1960s and 1970s to make pronouncements against the development of such a device – even though the US-backed Government of Dubai today has now made – and is using – such a device which artificially generates ‘rain’ to the utter ‘silence’ of the UN) whilst the US instructed the BBC to fabricate entire series of programmes falsely predicting a ‘New’ Ice Age during the 1970s – even though all available data at the time pointed to the climate of the Earth ‘warming’ and not’co oling’!  

Most people (including the so-called political ‘left’) lapped all this disinformation up and much of it has formed the foundation of the contemporary so-called ‘Green Movement’. As part of the research (mentioned above) I was asked to look into contemporary Russian language sources regarding this issue. I think the White, middle-aged (middle-class) men who run the CPB thought that somehow modern (capitalist) Russia would support their unquestioned belief in ‘Global Warming’ – but alas – they were in for a shock! 

The Russian Academy of Sciences – one of the few institutions to survive intact from the USSR to a ‘capitalist’ Russia at the end of 1991 – stated matter of factly, that there is NO reliable, objective scientific evidence that ‘Global Warming’ is a ‘real’ phenomenon generated by the last 200 years of human Industrialised endeavour! On the contrary, the RAS clearly recognised that the Bourgeois West uses fearmongering associated with the ‘belief system’ surrounding ‘Global Warming’ as an excuse to bring-in political and economic sanctions which prevent Socialist and Developing countries from undergoing their own respective ‘Industrial Revolutions’ – and in so doing developing their own socio-economic structures, strengthen their individual countries and forge a better life for themselves! Such a ‘Luddite’ attitude maintains the status quo with ‘White’, Western European countries ‘dominating’ the world and ‘limiting’ the rest of the (non-White) countries from developing (by experiencing the same modernising processes) and becoming a threat to US hegemonic forces!