Grenfell: Tory Hypocrisy and the Cynical use of Charity!

I suspect that if the Tories had not just lost their slim majority in Parliament, the rhetoric emanating from Theresa May would have been to script and very different. She would have ‘blamed’ the Grenfell people for the tragedy they had suffered – and the mainstream British media would have played-along – with the emphasis being placed upon the abolition of all Social Housing (because it is ‘unsafe’).

The Blairite Scrutiny of Labour Party Membership

As matters stand, this currently includes any criticism of Tony Blair, criticism of the Iraq and Afghan Wars, and criticism of any policy (or lack of) associated with ‘New’ Labour. Another area to watch-out for, is anyone who is a Member of the Communist Party whilst joining the Labour Party – as under Labour Party Rules, the Communist Party (and its Members) remain a ‘proscribed’.

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