Bonnie Prince Charlie: King James III, King Henry IX & Queen Maria Clementina of Great Britain, France & Ireland! (23.4.2023)

What Would Have Happened If Bonnie Prince Charlie Had Secured the Crown for the Stuarts?

Author’s Note: Has Great Britain already possessed a ‘King Charles III’? One possible title that could have been chosen by ‘Charles Edward Stuart’ (Bonnie Prince Charlie) after the Pope bestowed the tittle of ‘King James IV’ of Great Britain upon him in 1788! This being the case, does the current ‘Prince Charles’ (the ‘Prince of Wales’) really possess the right to be called ‘King Charles III’? He is a descendant not of a ‘Tudor’ or a ‘Stuart’ – but rather (Protestant) usurpers from Europe (namely Holland and Germany)! As we are neither ‘Dutch’ nor ‘German’ – why should we accept this decadent ‘King’ and his ennobled ‘Concubine’? I would just as easily uphold Cromwell’s ‘Republic’ than worship at the altar of decadent Europeans who have infiltrated our highest institutions and instigated their immorality, decadence and wayward behaviour! We require a ‘Revolution’ and not a ‘business as usual’ attitude! We have thrown off the yoke of US dominance through the EU – now we must leave NATO and abolish this circus of a so-called royal family! If a ‘Stuart’ descendant would like to initiate a ‘Socialist’ State – I am all ears! ACW (23.4.2023)

Not only is this one of the best books on the subject of ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ that I have ever read – but I am of the opinion that the ‘Preface’ is one of the greatest (in terms of surprising and ground-breaking research) that I have ever encountered! The author obviously walked down these obscure back allies of Rome to locate, verify and report that there are plaques (written in Latin) which convey the names of ‘King Henry IX’, ‘King James III’ and and ‘Queen Maria Clementina’ of Great Britain, France and Ireland! Of course, this must all be seen within the context of that when the axe fell on the neck of King Charles I in early 1649 – Oliver Cromwell declared the Office of ‘Absolute Monarch’ to be ‘abolished’ for ‘now and forever’! And indeed, it was and has remained so in the UK (with Britain only controlling Northern Ireland and none of France). Even after the so-called ‘Restoration’ of 1661 (which saw Charles II ascend the throne) – the British Parliament only allowed a ‘Constitutional Monarch’ which existed as a type of ‘theatre’ and avenue of ‘nostalgia’ Aristocracy – reminding this decadent class of the political power it once possessed! This being the case, what was it that Bonnie Prince Charlie and Stuart family was actually fighting for?

Even if he had won and took back the British Crown – the British Parliament would have retained power – unless he had abolished Parliament and reinstated an ‘Absolute Monarchy’! On the other hand, perhaps untold Revolutionary forces would have been unleashed and something akin to a Socialist State would have emerged as I doubt Bonnie Prince Charlie would have been subservient to the Roman Catholic Church given what the British Parliament had done to James II in 1688! His elder Brother was declared by the Pope to be ‘King Henry I’ of Scotland and ‘King Henry IX’ of England – but as he had renounced his claim to the British throne to concentrate on his calling as a Catholic priest – Pope Pius VI quietly had Bonnie Prince Charlie declared ‘King Charles III’ of Great Britain, France and Ireland upon his death in 1788 (either on January 30th or 31st). It had been an unwritten rule NOT to officially recognise him when (alive after his failure at Culloden during 1746 and the terrible retribution the British government had inflicted upon the Scots and Jacobite supporters everywhere) – as his elder brother (Henry IX) had suggested that ‘Charles Emmanuel IV’ King of Sardinia be his official inheritor on the grounds that he was the senior descendant of ‘Henrietta’ – daughter of ‘King Charles I’!

As matters transpired, the Pope over-ruled ‘King Henry IX’ and finally recognised Bonnie Prince Charlie as ‘King Charles III’ on his deathbed – just as he drew his last breath. I assume that the Pope believed this would allow him to enter Catholic Heaven as a ‘King’ – in recognition of his services to the Vatican – if indeed that was what they were (as I am not convinced this was his primary motivating drive). The thousands of Gaelic-speaking, kilted Scotsman who fought with sword and shield against musket, canon and bayonet were surely fighting for something far more visceral. Having visited the Battlefield of Colluden a number of times (and run across it as the Clansman did) this remains my viewpoint today! These brave and great Clansman ‘stood’ for nearly an hour whilst British canons blew their bodies into tiny pieces! They then initiated a Highland Charge after displaying such iron bravery the likes of which is rare throughout the history of military affairs! Surely reminiscent of the Spartans and the Zulu at their absolute best! Whatever the case, as the true ‘Celts’ of Britain – we lit incense sticks out of respect and placed them on the burial mounds representing each ‘Clan’! Hundred were killed in the fighting and then the British (government) soldiers bayonetted the wounded – rolling all the bodies into mass graves denoted by the differing colour of tartan (an institution inflicted by the British so that the various Clans could be easily ‘distinguished’).

Bonnie Prince Charlie managed to secure a noble title for his only child – the beloved daughter ‘Charlotte’. Charlotte was registered with the pre-Revolutionary Parliament of France as the ‘Duchess of Albany’ – technically securing for her the title of ‘Princess’ – although she would die unmarried in late 1789 (after falling from a horse). However, like her father – Charlotte possessed Revolutionary ideas and refused to conform to the conventions of her day! It is believed that ‘Charlotte’ actually bore three children with a French Prelate! If that is how French Prelates behaved – no wonder a Revolution occurred throughout France during 1789! Nevertheless, it is from her (unrecognised) line that the descendants of Bonnie Prince Charlie spring! Queen Maria Clementina of Great Britain, France & Ireland – was the Polish-born wife of James Francis Edward Stuart (1688-1766) – who was declared ‘King James III’ of England and ‘King James VIII’ of Scotland by the Pope (whilst living in European exile)! His father – King James II (VII) had been ousted from Great Britain during 1688 due to his pro-Catholic tendencies! When Bonnie Prince Charlie attempted to regain the British Crown – it was never in his own name – but always in the name of his father ‘King James III (VIII)’! Such was the impressive stength of his filial piety!

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