DPRK: Underwater Strategic Self-Defence Weapon System Successfully Tested! (7.4.2023)

(Korean Central News Agency from March 28, Pyongyang)

The DPRK Academy of Defense Sciences conducted yet another successful test of its Underwater Strategic Weapon System between March 25th-27th this year (2023). The Nuclear Unmanned Underwater Attack Boat – Haeil-1 – which was put into service within the Wonsan Bay area on the afternoon of March 25th – where it submerged for 41 hours and 27 minutes! It cut through the water using its “saw blade” design on an elliptical course – travelling an overall distance of 600 km (on an elliptic cause) – with a mooring line set toward the East Sea of Korea! On the morning of the same day, it reached the waters off Hwadae-gun, North Hamgyong Province – the planned target area – where the Test Combat Unit was accurately detonated underwater! As a result of this Test – all tactical technical specifications and submergence technical indicators were accurately evaluated – and the reliability (and safety) of the weapon system were verified. (end)

http://www.kcna.kp (Juche 112.3.28.)

North Korean Language Article:


수중전략무기체계시험 진행

(평양 3월 28일발 조선중앙통신)

조선민주주의인민공화국 국방과학원은 지난 3월 25일부터 27일까지 수중전략무기체계에 대한 시험을 또다시 진행하였다.

지난 3월 25일 오후 원산만에서 시험에 투입된 핵무인수중공격정 《해일-1》형은 조선동해에 설정된 600㎞계선의 거리를 모의한 톱날 및 타원형침로를 41시간 27분간 잠항하여 3월 27일 오전 예정목표수역인 함경북도 화대군앞바다에 도달하였으며 시험용전투부가 정확히 수중기폭되였다.

시험결과 모든 전술기술적제원과 잠항기술적지표들이 정확하게 평가되고 무기체계의 믿음성과 안전성이 검증되였다. (끝)

http://www.kcna.kp (주체112.3.28.)