The Bizarre Kidnapping of Amber Aiaz & Melissa Fu! (4.4.2023) 

Translater’s Note: A quick perusal of all the many articles emanating from the US will see the reader finding the usual mix of ‘fetish’ and ‘racism’ when covering this bizarre incident! I present below a cross-reference of a number of Chinese language articles which I hope re-humanises the Chinese people involved, and presents this case in its proper cultural orientation. It is odd because the US Police have no problem ‘blaming the victim’ – or even ‘shooting dead’ those non-White people who approach them for help! Zhang Chang was lucky simply not to have fallen into the category of ‘inconvenient’! And then there is all the nonsense of White armchair detectives protecting all kinds of US anti-intellectualism onto what is already a very serious case! I would not rule out the US government – if indeed it is the case that Zhang Chang had nothing to do with it. Whatever the case, once again the ‘criminality’ implicit within the predatory capitalist society raises its head. Perhaps the concept of killing one another for money is not the best foundation to build a society upon! ACW (4.4.2023)

In the Western media the two ethnic Chinese kidnap victims and husband concerned are referred to as: 

Mother (35) – ‘Amber Aiaz’ – Correct Chinese language name ‘Wu Meiyi’ (吴梅怡). 

Daughter (13) – ‘Melissa Fu’ – Correct Chinese language name ‘Fu Hao’ (付豪)  

It would seem that the biological father of ‘Melissa Fu’ is surnamed ‘Fu’ (付).  

Amber Aiaz’s third husband is named ‘Zhang Chang’ (张成). 

On December 18th, 2020, (US time) the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a reward of ten thousand dollars – hoping that the public will help find a Chinese mother and daughter who disappeared in 2019!  

According to the facts gathered by the police – it is likely that the mother and daughter were kidnapped. The mother and daughter were last seen on November 22nd, 2019, at their home near Michelson Drive and University, Irvine, California. 

According to the husband of the missing Chinese woman, on the day of the incident, two Chinese people – a man and a woman in their 40s – knocked on the door. He did not recognize them. 

When he opened the door – he was immediately drugged into an unconsciousness state. When he awoke – he discovered that his wife and daughter had disappeared! 

The two Chinese people who knocked on the door were a man and a woman. The man was about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed 190 pounds; the woman was 5 feet 8 inches and had a standard build. They were probably driving a black Cadillac. 

Missing is 35-year-old Amber Aiaz – originally from China – she was wearing a black shirt, black vest, black trousers and white shoes when she disappeared. 

Also missing is her 13-year-old daughter (US-born) Melissa Fu who is 5-foot-11 inches and weighs about 200 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes and was wearing a black tracksuit when she disappeared. 

In addition, what is puzzling is that although the Police claim that the mother and daughter were last seen on November 22nd, a number of friends associated with a WeChat Seafood Group (Administered by Amber Aiaz) stated that at 8 pm on November 25th – Amber Aiaz was still posting on the ‘Chat’ of this Group! 

Another friend revealed that on the 25th – he also privately messaged her and called her – and Amber Aiaz definitely spoke to him!  

Some US media sources and individuals accused Amber Aiaz’s partner of deceitfully using her WeChat account to talk to everyone between the 23rd to the 25th! However, her partner refused to answer these allegations and simply thanked everyone who contacted him for the ‘care’ they had showed. Apparently, Ambar Aiaz posted on a different WeChat Account that she “has a cold and can’t talk” – on November 27th, 2019!  

In China, the mother of Amber Aiaz was very close to ‘Melissa Fu’ (her granddaughter) whom she was continuously in touch with on WeChat – but all communication in that direction suddenly ended at the time of the kidnap! Amber Aiaz’s mother is understandably very anxious about the safety of her daughter (and granddaughter) after the kidnapping. This lady came to the United States to look for her relatives in person in 2020 – but due to the Covid-19 pandemic – there was no clues found to solve this case. Prior to the kidnapping – Amber Aiaz had been back to her native ‘Dalian’ situated in Northeast China’s Liaoning province (with Melissa) – to visit relatives during June of 2019. After returning to the United States in July – she moved to Irvine – but she kept in regular touch with her mother on WeChat almost every day. 

After investigating credit card and car rental information, the Police found that Amber Aiaz had money dealings with some very wealthy men. She also had a falling out with one of them – which resulted in threats against her and her family. It is believed that Amber Aiaz was defrauded of tens of thousands of yuan – and that this experience forced her to change her surname to “Aiaz”. On the eve of her disappearance, she also revealed to her mother, friends and husband (Zhang) that on several occasions she “felt was followed” and “stalked by a black Cadillac.” 

When Amber Aiaz lived in Las Vegas, she used to sell dumplings, seafood and other goods to the local Chinese community via WeChat. After moving to Irvine, this small business continued. On November 22nd, 2019 – the day Amber Aiaz disappeared – she went to Las Vegas to buy goods. Whilst stuck in a traffic jam on the way home, she told her husband Zhang Cheng that she would be late – probably arriving home at 6:30 pm. Amber Diaz also requested that Zhang Cheng withdraw $300,000 from his personal account and deposit it in their joint account! It is said that he thought this amount might be a Deposit to buy a house – but he could not understand why the joint account had very little money in it. (The Police later discovered that Ambar Aiaz’s personal bank account had only around 100 yuan in it).  

Zhang Cheng was puzzled at the time, but not long after talking to his wife, (at around 4 pm), a Chinese man and woman in their 40s knocked on the door. As soon as Zhang Cheng opened the door – he was sprayed in the face with a chemical substance and instantly lost consciousness. Zhang Cheng was unconscious for nearly eight hours. When he woke up – he found that Ambar Aiaz’s car and a supply of seafood were in the parking lot of their apartment – whilst her mobile phone and wallet were also in the house – but she and her daughter were nowhere to be found! 

At the same time, Zhang Cheng found someone had left a Chinese language note at home, which conveyed a warning: “We are monitoring you, do not call the police, and you will see your wife and children in a few days.” As a result, Zhang Cheng foolishly did not call the police. It was not until 10 days later, on December 2nd, 2019, that he went to the Police for help. The Police immediately launched an investigation. The first person they suspected was Zhang Cheng. In addition to the fact that he had not called the police in time – Amber Aiaz’s mother stated that her daughter and Zhang Cheng had many quarrels – and that her daughter – Melissa – didn’t like him either. 

However, in the process of investigating the case, Zhang Cheng cooperated very well throughout the entire process – and also accepted and passed a polygraph test. When the police investigated the apartment where the three lived, they found a small amount of blood and a bloody handprint – but strangely, this handprint was smaller than the palms of all three of the family. After identification, the bloodstain matched Amber Aiaz’s DNA. After that, the Police launched an investigation which dug up a series of surprising clues. 

In front of outsiders, Amber Aiaz gave the impression of being a very wealthy and powerful woman. She claimed to have millions in savings and to be engaged in the real estate business, but she had no money in her bank account. The whole family relied solely upon Zhang Cheng’s online car-hailing activity and other part-time jobs. Although married for other two years – Amber Aiaz “looked after” all Zhang Chang’s income – adding it to her “millions” – or so she implied! When the Police informed Zhang Chang that his wife was penniless, he could not believe it! Amber Aiaz (and her daughter) lived off of Zhang Chang’s income – part of which was also sent back to her mother in China!  

Anyone with information related to this case is urged to contact the FBI on 310-477-6565. 

Chinese Language Articles:





尔湾警察局周五在一份声明中表示,35岁的吴美意(Amber Aiaz)和13岁的付豪(Melissa Fu)于2019年11月22日下午6点左右,在他们位于尔湾Michelson 和 University drives的公寓中失踪。