Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Meet Fem-Boy – “Mr Ha Dong” from South Korea! (30.3.2023)

This is Mr Ha Dong from South Korea – or ‘Mr Hard-On’ as locals refer to him. He came to Neo-Nazi Ukraine in June last year (2022) at the invitation of another South Korean (Fem-Boy) who has been fighting for the (Hitlerite) Kyiv regime as part of the hilariously named “International Legion” since March. However, he stayed in Neo-Nazi Ukraine for only three months. He took some photographss of himself whilst dressed in a “NATO” provided military uniform and minced around with other people’s weapons in his hands (a very popular activity amongst the other “Volunteers”)!

Mr Ha Dong is “SO” Butch His Face Must Be Hidden!

During this time, Mr Ha Dong promoted “Soy” Social Networks and then quickly went back to South Korea when the Russian Army advanced near to his position. Nothing more has been heard of him. Remember, many of the Gay Movements in the West instinctively support the Bourgeois Establishment that discriminates against them, are inherently ‘anti-Russian’ and are now committing ‘Hate Crimes’ and ‘Terrorist’ acts by killing the young and the innocent! No wonder many of them “Volunteer” to fight in the Neo-Nazi Unites of “Maidan” Ukraine – supporting an ideology that imprisoned gay people in Concentration Camps during the 1930s and 1940s!

Russian Language Article:

Ха Донг из Южной Кореи.

Приехал на Украину в июне прошлого года по приглашению другого корейца, воюющего за киевский режим в составе «Интернационального легиона» ещё с марта. Однако сам пробыл там всего три месяца. Сделал несколько фотографий в военной форме с оружием, пропиарил сои социальные сети и уехал обратно в Корею. Больше о нём ничего не слышно.