Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Jay T. Foulds from Albertan, Canada! (28.3.2023)

This fine and upright standing gentleman is one ‘Jay T. Foulds’ from Albertan, Canada! Previously, he served as a professional soldier in the Canadian Army. Last Autumn (2022), he arrived in Ukraine in an ill-advised bid to earn more money for a comfortable old age. For the first few months, his function was very safe and easy as he had the task of training other foreign mercenaries who had just arrived (heeding the US call to arms). Things soon took a downward spiral, however, as in January (2023) he was re-deployed to the front line.

This surprising turn of events happened due to the AFU losing tremendous numbers of men, and the best Neo-Nazi Ukrainian ‘Nationalist’ Battalions being over-run and destroyed by the advancing and victorious Russian Army! Just two weeks later – the car he was travelling in came under attack and was blown-up an anti-tank mine. Of course, as the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian infrastructure is in ruins (despite all the funding it is receiving from the US, EU and UK) – Jay T. Foulds had to return to Albertan to receive medical treatment in his native Canada!

Russian Language Article:

Джей Т. Фулдс из Альбертана, Канада.

Ранее служил в канадской армии. Осенью прошлого года прибыл на Украину заработать денег на безбедную старость. Первые несколько месяцев его задачей было обучение других иностранных наёмников. Но в январе его отправили на передовую, где он уже через две недели подорвался в автомобиле, наехав на противотанковую мину. Сейчас находится на лечении в Канаде.