How ‘Socialist’ Star Trek was Hijacked by Bourgeois America! (3.3.2023) 

Gene Roddenberry produced a Socialist vision of the future with his original Star Trek series – made in the late 1960s – when the Flower Power movement was at its peak. It was – and remains – so thoroughly ‘unAmerican’ that it beggar’s belief that it was ever allowed to be made in the first place! Of course, it was not properly appreciated during its initial release, but became astronomically popular after re-runs and worldwide syndication! Star Trek was non-capitalist (money and profit seeking had been left far behind in the past) – whilst ‘Internationalism’ defined the ‘Federation’ (which seems to have been modelled on the USSR). All this was produced under the noses of an extremely anti-Communist US government (and hostile system).  

In fact, so subtle was this out manoeuvring that today it is all denied as the ‘revised’ history of Star Trek is constructed and implemented for public consumption (as there is literally ‘millions’ to be made from its popularity). Fans are even now encouraged to refer to trends in storyline as ‘Canon’ – reducing the motivations of Star Trek to the ‘religiosity’ Roddenberry firmly rejected! Of course, this is not all that has been ‘revised’ – or should I say ‘inverted’ about Star Trek. As the years have rolled by and the millions have rolled in, it has been important for corporate Star Trek to move away from Roddenberry’s original Socialist message – whilst appearing to retain the popular formula linked to its surface appearance.  

The change behind the scenes, however, could not be more sinister or destructive. Roddenberry’s ‘Socialism’ has been replaced by US capitalism. The greed that drove millions of White Europeans to invade and steal the land of the Americas from the indigenous population has replaced the ‘liberation’ of the workers. The power of oppression has replaced the freedom from oppression. Internationalism (which defines all working-class people as being equally free together regardless of origin) has been replaced by multiculturalism – which sees a White majority dominate the non-White ‘minorities’ through an enforced ‘toleration’ within a defined geographical area. White people retain the political power and over-all control of society – whilst the non-White people are enforced to ‘fit-in’ anywhere they can.  

The Socialist spirit of scientifically driven exploration has been replaced by the expansion of US political and military hegemony. The absence of opposition to this expanding US dominance is termed ‘peace’. In other words, where Roddenberry’s original Star Trek told the story of an unknown theoretical future, the Star Trek of today has become a multifaceted vehicle for the expression and endorsement of the politics and culture of contemporary America! Every new culture and species must bow down to the all-conquering Federation (NATO) and alter their way of life to ‘fit-in’ or face the consequences. Even some of the Black actors who play prominent roles in the new plethora of Star Trek mimicry – wear skin lightening make-up. Obviously, the White America that has now co-opted Star Trek – has liberated these actors from their ‘Blackness’ – all part of the benefits of living in a multicultural society.