Email: Supporting the PRC & Opposing Eurocentric Racism! (16.12.2022)

Dear Comrades

We write to express our friendship and support for the People’s Republic of China! We keep the pro-China ‘Sangha Kommune‘ Blog in the UK – and have made various contacts with many different people in China!

We reject all forms of anti-China racism and fully support all the efforts of the Chinese People in their peaceful efforts to build Socialism! We disagree with the anti-China policies of the UK government and condemn the US for its interference in the internal affairs of the PRC!

With All Comradely Best Wishes

Adrian, Gee, Mei-an & Kai-Lin

PS: During the Covid-19 Pandrmic – our Comrades in the Communist Party of China sent us (in the UK) a much needed box of face masks – at a time when the Tory government of the UK ‘refused’ to freely supply these simple devices to its own population! This is why we love the CPC and the Chinese People!