1812 War: When ‘Black’ British Troops ‘Terrorised’ White America! (7.11.2022)

I Borrowed This Book From Sutton Library (London Borough) And Am Very Grateful For It As A Service!

Black African men and women were captured, brutalised, tortured, raped and transported from the African Continent and in the hulls of stinking and disgusting Slaves Ships (covered in piss and shit) – and forcibly imported into the British controlled West Indies! Although I have been told of Black Slaves ‘Volunteering’ for Military Service in the British Colonial Forces during 1776 (in the fight against the traitorous British in the American Colonies) – this book seems to begin with the recruiting of Black Slaves into the West Indian Regiments by the ‘White’ British Authorities during 1796 (twenty years after US Independence).

White working-class men – and their snobbish middle and upper class Officers – were not strong enough to take the heat and illnesses that existed in the Caribbean – and so Black Slave men – hardened through continuous beatings and endless toil, were used as ‘locally’ recruited ‘soldiers’ with limited rights and virtually no real freedom. As a British soldier, however, Black Slave soldiers received a little extra food and slightly better living conditions – provided they followed orders without question and died upon request!

During 1812 – the White American Nation hilariously ‘Declared War’ upon the British Empire and All Her Dominians! Britain never really took the American rebels seriously and were far more worried about what the French were doing in Europe at the time – as they sought to spread their brand of prolific ‘Socialism’ everywhere (Black soldiers fought in the British Army during the Battle of Waterloo during 1815 – but that is another story)! The presence of Black Slave soldiers wearing British military uniforms and storming the ‘United States of America’ (following the orders of White Officers to the letter and with the utmost discipline) scared the hell out of the average White American – terrorising every European as they fled for their lives! The White Americans, when confronted with these ‘British’ Black Slave soldiers (who were tasked with defending the very ‘racist’ system that enslaved them) accused the British government of committing ‘War Crimes’ for daring to use Black Slave soldiers!

British Black Soldiers Are the Bravest of the Brave!