Ninth Batch of Chinese Martyrs (Who Gave Their Lives Defending Korea in the US War of Aggression) – Returned to the Motherland! (15.9.2022)

(ECNS) — The remains of more Chinese People’s Volunteers (CPV) Martyrs killed in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea (1950-53) will be returned to China from the Republic of Korea (ROK) from September 14th -17th, 2022.

An ‘Encoffining’ ceremony was held in Inchon on Thursday – the place these brave ‘Internationalist’ men and women ‘fell’ defending against the forces of neo-imperialism!

The Delegation of the People’s Republic of China – led by Vice Minister of Veterans Affairs Chang Zhengguo – and the ROK Delegation (led by its Défense Ministry) attended the ceremony (the latter demonstrating an unusual level of ‘respect’ for China’s dead).

A handover ceremony will be held on Friday.

It will be the ninth repatriation of the remains of CPV Martyrs following the signing of a Handover Agreement between China and the ROK.

Between 2014 and 2021, the remains of 825 ‘Internationalist’ Chinese soldiers were returned to China from the ROK – according to official figures.

2022-09-15 Editor:Mo Hong’e

NOTE: Today, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) continues to energetically stride along its self-determining path to peacefully develop ‘Socialism with Korean characteristics’ in the face of periodic threats and provocations from the ogre that is the US Neo-Imperialism (that continues to stalk the Southern area of the Korean Peninsular)! Throughout that area, the people of South Korea are still made to exist in a state of semi-enslavement to the dictates of US racism – reminiscent to the equally dangerous (and odious) dictates of the Japanese imperialism that used to dominate the region prior to 1945! The slave-master changes – but the slavery continues!

The US ‘Indignant’ at Their Own Policy!

Let the People’s Republic of China bring home the remains of our brave men and women – who ‘Volunteered’ to fight against the Western enemies in the War of US Aggression in Korea (1950-1953) – enthused by the spirit of Socialist ‘Internationalism’ to assist the Working-Class wherever (and whenever) it is under attack by the reactionary forces of the bourgeois, capitalist system! The decisions we take as individuals (being part of ‘Collectives’) do matter – and do have far-reaching historical ramifications! The spirit of self-sacrifice ‘ripples-out’ and permeates throughout every corner of the world! All those people who are oppressed and unable to fight for themselves are uplifted just that little bit more as the crushing weight of bourgeois injustice and poverty they are made to endure on a daily basis is ‘lightened’ ever so slightly! It all matters and feeds in to an eventual World Socialist Revolution!