New Expressway in Xinjiang Preserves Migration Routes for Wild Animals! (1.9.2022)

(ECNS) — A new Expressway connecting Yitunbulake in Ruoqiang County to the urban area of Ruoqiang in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has set up 176 bridges with a total length of 22.78 kilometres to create passages for migrating wild animals.

Along the Expressway, 72 small culverts were transformed into larger ones to facilitate wildlife.

The 294-kilometer Expressway crosses the Altun Mountains and Lop Nur, both historically no man’s land.

As the third major traffic channel linking Xinjiang with neighbouring provinces, it plays a significant role in improving living standards in southern Xinjiang and accelerating the construction of projects under the Belt and Road Initiative.

The Expressway entered operation on Tuesday.

2022-08-31 Editor:Zhang Dongfang

NOTE: The Communist Party of China has transformed (and is transforming) the vast country that is ‘China’! There are over a billion people of many different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures, etc, not to mention religions! Until 1912, China was a backward feudalistic back-water, whilst from 1912-1949 it was the lackey of the capitalist West! Today, the Chinese people are truly ‘free’ to determine their own path and that path is Marxist-Leninist (Maoism)! The US attacks any and all successful ‘Socialist’ models and would prefer to ‘blanket-bomb’ (the US manipulated NATO into bombing Yugoslavia for 78 days in 1999 to ensure the Socialist System was totally smashed – deliberately hitting the Chinese Embassy in the process) rather than emulation! As Xinjiang will be transformed (like ‘Tibet’) in a dramatic and radical fashion (whilst US citizens live on the streets and die from starvation and medical neglect) – the US must rhetorically attack it and all China’s achievements – telling their lies to the working-class of the West – the members of which must learn to throw-off this false consciousness and think for themselves!