Covid-19: The Price for US Anti-Intellectualism is the Death of its Own Population – and They Do Not Care! (1.9.2022)

(ECNS)–One million people have died from Covid-19 so far this year, the World Health Organization has revealed, describing it as a “tragic milestone”. The United States remains the nation worst hit by the pandemic, with the world’s highest caseload and death toll. And the U.S. also has the world’s highest tally of monkeypox cases. 

Texas health officials on Tuesday reported the death of a person with monkeypox — what appears to be the first fatal case in the United States. The country should have been able to contain monkeypox, but it failed again, in the way it did in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The US’ passive epidemic response has led to dreadful consequences. The U.S. politicians only focus on political gains, with no regard to the life and health of the ordinary people. Its pandemic control, which has been unscientific, unequal and irresponsible, has gravely undermined American people’s right to life and health.

2022-08-31 Editor:Xue Lingqiao

NOTE: Most brainwashed Americans believe their system – with all its failures and insecurities – it the best in the world and is working perfectly and just as it should do! This marks the greatest success of the bourgeoisie which runs America only for its best (own) class interests! Just look at who is ‘dying’ in the US who is ‘not’ dying and you will understand the difference! The American Bourgeois State has convinced its own people that the inherent failings of its own unjust and selfish system are in fact the ‘fault’ of those who suffer from these failings! This is like shooting somebody in the leg – and then blaming the ‘wound’ for what just happened! The reality is that the American public have been conditioned to think that dying of starvation, the cold and medical neglect is ‘inevitable’ and ‘natural’ whilst being surrounded by ample supplies of ‘food’, ‘houses’ and ‘hospitals’! This is the sheer power of US stupidity that often ends-up inflicted upon unwilling populations via NATO bombs!