Ukraine: Neo-Nazi Regime Associates British ‘Union Jack’ with ‘Nazi German Swastika’! (10.6.2023)

Aiden Aislin – the British Neo-Nazi Mercenary sentenced to death – has told how the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are riddled with drunkenness, drug-taking, rape and general physical violence! Officers are corrupt and cowardly, whilst enlisted men are continuously brutalised both psychologically and physically! Only the so-called ‘Nationalist Battalions’ (such as Azov, Aidar, Lugansk-1 and Dneipr-1, etc), were given the best quality uniforms, Nazi German insignia, advanced weaponry and efficient training!

A Young Princess Elizabeth (Left) – and Queen Elizabeth II (Right)!

These military formations were formed at the behest of the United States during the illegal usurpation of power by far-right ‘Euro-Maidan’ during early and mid-2014 – recruiting from the ‘White Supremacy’ groups worldwide, (that is, from Neo-Nazi and other Fascistic groups operating throughout the US, Canada, UK. Scandinavia, the EU, Australia and New Zealand, etc).

The Zionist ‘Star of David’ and the Ukrainian ‘Trident’ Used by the Nazi Germans During WWII!

As the US conceived, financed. armed and trained the original Islamo-Fascist Movement in Afghanistan during the early to mid-1970s, (as a means to overthrow the democratically elected ‘Socialist’ government of Afghanistan), the ‘National Battalions’ are also manned by members of ISIS, Al Qaeda and a number of other murderous far-right Islamic groups loyal to the US government (and the Israeli domination of Palestine)! This point also explains why it is that ‘Israeli’ volunteers also fill the ranks of the Neo-Nazi ‘Nationalist Battalions’ despite their obvious association with Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust!

King Edward VIII (Left) and Adolf Hitler (Right)!

(Indeed, many of these ‘Battalions’ bear the names of notorious ‘Extermination’ Squads that murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews during WWII)! Zionist Israel is a fascist country that only happens to have Jews living within it. The majority of ordinary Jews living throughout the world reject Israel’s ‘Zionist’ policies and its murderous activities against the Palestinians! Of course, it must not be forgotten that the UN declared ‘Zionism’ a virulent form of ‘White Supremacy’ in 1975 – which is fuelling the racist aggression of Israel against the Palestinians (and anyone who dares to expose and oppose the fascistic antics of the Zionists)!

Therefore, it is not only the British ‘Union Jack’ which is associated with the Nazi German Swastika in the Ukraine – but also the ‘Star of David’ – as used on the racist flag of Zionist Israel! An interesting question is whether the DPR Courts would dare to prosecute an ‘Israeli’ Neo-Nazi – and sentence him to death – as it has dared to do to two British citizens and one Muslim man!

Russian Language Article:
Аргументы недели

9 июня, 18:20


Приговоренный в ДНР к смертной казни британский наёмник заявил о пьянстве в армии Украины и плохой подготовке военных

Приговоренный в ДНР к смертной казни британский наёмник Эйден Аслин заявил о пьянстве в армии Украины и плохой подготовке военных.

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