Ukraine: Grave of Red Army Cavalryman Desecrated! (11.6.2022)

Oleko Dundich (Олеко Дундич) [1896-1920] Died Fighting the Western Invasion of Revolutionary Russia!

In the centre of the city of Rivne, (in West Ukrainian) the Zelensky Neo-Nazis first smashed a Monument over the grave of the Red Army Commander – Oleko Dundich (who fought and died for the Bloshhrviks during the Russian Civil War).

A Fearless Leader Who Charged the Capitalist Invaders Time and Time Again!

And then yesterday (following the announcement of the Death Sentences for the foreign members of the Hitlerite Azov Battalion) Zelensky ordered his Neo-Nazi thugs to dug up the grave of this Red ArmyThr Hero and desecrate his remains as a matter of revenge! The message is clear – how dare the Russians stand up to Western imperislism in the past and in the present!

The Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Desecrate a Red Army Hero!

Oleko Dundich is a famous Red Army Cavalryman of Serbian origin. Isaac Babel and Alexei Tolstoy wrote about his courage and determination. Dundich died in the battles near Rivno against US, UK and German invasion forces defending the Socialist Revolution and was buried as a hero at the age of 24! At the behest of the West and the Catholic Church – Zelensky had the bones of this true Hero tipped all over the floor and then cleaned up and thrown away with the local rubbish!

#ZelenskyVmeet #WorkingBrothers @VZBOD

В центре города Ровно националисты сначала разбили памятник на могиле красного командира Олеко Дундича, а вчера раскопали могилу и вывезли останки героя.

Олеко Дундич – прославленный красный кавалерист сербского происхождения. О его смелости и отваге писали Исаак Бабель и Алексей Толстой. Дундич погиб в боях под Ровно и захоронен как герой в возрасте 24 лет.




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