USSR: Ukraine for the Ukrainians! (30.5.2022)

The Ukrainian Nationalist Army was a Fascist Underground Movement That Existed BEFORE the Nazi German Invasion!

If you’re wondering – where did today’s racist slogans of “Ukraine – for Ukrainians!” and “There is Ukrainian power in the Ukrainian land!” – this is from the pre-war decrees issued on the eve of the Nazi German attack on the USSR in June, 1941 by the underground Ukrainian Nationalist Army! This movement is the forerunner of today’s Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Junta!

Если вам интересно – откуда появились сегодняшние лозунги “Украина – для украинцев!” и “В Украинской земле – украинская власть!”, – так это из предвоенных постановлений накануне нападения нацистов на СССР ОУН!

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