I’d Rather Watch the Krankies… (14.5.2022) 

As Astonishing as this Looks – It is the Product of Hard-Work and the Clever Manipulation of Material Factors! It Could be Sold as ‘Religion’ – But We Know Otherwise!

For seventy-four years, the USSR applied the thinking of Karl Marx by ensuring that the ‘inverted’ thinking of the bourgeoisie (a mode of social and thought organisation that is also evident within the cultures of the aristocracy) was not present (or active) within the thought community that defined the developmental direction pursued by the Soviet State. The geographical boundaries of the USSR marked exactly where the ‘inverted’ thinking of the Western bourgeoisie came to an end and no longer functioned! Indeed, the very process of ‘entering’ the USSR through its many ‘customs’ procedures encompassed by a set of secular ‘rituals’ whereby the ‘inverted’ thinking of the West was abandoned, given-up and set outside – and the individual concerned had to re-orientate his or her mind to function in an ‘non-inverted’ manner! Obviously, it followed that this ‘non-inversion’ existed throughout Soviet Society (at least until the Khrushchev years of 1956-1966 – when it was allowed to sneak-in here and there – laying the foundation for the eventual collapse of the USSR in 1991), with ‘science’ and the ‘political’ system expressing the material world as it exists, and the scientific-laws that operate within (and between) the material objects and material-processes that define day-to-day life! 

Entire generations (signifying eight-decades) of Soviet people were subjected to this ‘straightening-out’ process where the average Soviet Citizen became a model for an entirely ‘new’ Socialist human-being unaffected by the polluting tendencies of capitalist-supporting religions! This is why Soviet scientists made such great and dramatic strides in the development of science and technology which enriched the everyday lives of ordinary Soviet people – and which ‘scared’ the Western capitalists when regions of the world that had languished in feudal or bourgeois ‘ignorance’ for centuries (because that is exactly what the ruling elites wanted) suddenly equalled and then surpassed the competing Western capitalists by placing machines, animals, men and women into orbit during the space-race, whilst sending ‘probes’ to far-off galaxies, planets and other interstellar objects! Again, such technological endeavour made life on earth a much better and congenial experience as medicine and machine conspired to remove human diseases and many of the material hindrances that have blighted human existence for millennia! 

In the post-1991 Soviet-space, the ‘inverted’ thinking of the Western bourgeoisie has been allowed (by the traitors in Russia) to run amok amongst the population of the former-Soviet Union! There was no slow or gentle attempt at introducing this backward and regressive mode of inverted-thinking – as the capitalist-West wanted a quick victory and the ‘non-inverted’ ideology that underlay the mighty Soviet military quickly dismantled and ended! When welfare and social-support was stopped over-night – the minds and bodies of girls (and women) no longer existed – and the Western capitalists encouraged them to ‘sell’ their bodies as a ‘’sign’ of this new freedom! Russian women (and girls) were rounded-up by the criminal element in Russia at the behest of the criminal elements outside of Russia – and ‘exported’ around the world like ‘livestock’ to be used by the Western capitalists for the satisfaction of their perverted sexual appetites! British papers such as the Guardian and Observer (traditionally considered ‘left’ of centre), ran articles celebrating the sudden development and growth of a ‘porn industry’ in Russia and the former Communist Bloc – telling their readership that this mass exploitation of Russian women (and girls) was a sign of the ‘new’ freedom the female population of Russia now enjoyed! 

In the West, particularly in the UK, we as the working-class, have had around four-hundred-years to come to grips with the inverted thinking of the bourgeoisie which was encouraged and codified by the changes made to society by King Henry VIII. The bourgeoisie grew out of the peasantry. These were primarily ‘men’ of the ‘peasant’ class who made themselves indispensable to the feudal aristocracy (or those who held all the political power), by linking the ‘desires’ of such people to the craftsmen and artists who knew how to acquire supplies and raw materials and construct the (often ‘luxurious’) goods required by these over-lords. These ‘lords’ and ‘ladies’ would bestow goods, money, titles and land upon an effective ‘mercer’ or ‘merchant’ – that is someone who specialised in the exchange of ‘goods’ (barter) and ‘money’ (sales), etc. These peasants would break out of their usual peasant-lifestyle and through self-effort develop a deep and profound knowledge of who owned what, who could acquire what, and who could make what! They then ‘sold’ this knowledge (and ‘ability’) to the highest bidder and slowly, overtime, developed a new and highly wealthy group of people with considerable power and influence! Eventually, the ‘bourgeoisie’ or ‘mercers’ were able to even purchase ‘armies’ and fight the aristocracy! This is how the British bourgeoisie took political power (that is took control of the ‘means of production’) from King Charles I in 1649 – and has kept hold of it ever since! 

For the bourgeoisie, absolutely everything has its price and is available for ‘sale’! This includes human-stupidity, belief and religious habit! Whilst trawling through the myriad of Russian-language Telegram Channels, I have been observing the growth of Russian ‘nationalism’ (which replaces ‘class’ with notions of ‘race’), religion and an exploration of the so-called ‘paranormal’! The latter comprises all the ‘crap’ Western society has accumulated over the last four-hundred years of inverted-thinking – which has now found a ‘new’ market by being sold lock, stock and barrel to the Russians, who are told that this ‘inversion’ of thought is in reality another example of just how ‘free’ the Russian people are post-1991! Following seventy-four years of ‘protected’ non-inverted thinking – the Russian people are now defenceless against this ‘inverted’ attack of the capitalist West! Even when modern Russia attempts to ‘protect’ itself by militarily opposing one particular form of inverted-thinking (such as the Neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine), the capitalist West imposes economic sanctions and threatens military action! What the new over-lords of ‘capitalist’ Russia do not seem to understand (or do not care about), is that fascism emerges from within the division of labour which lies at the very heart of the ‘inverted’ capitalist ideology! An ‘inverted’ Russia justifies its war in Ukraine through a disturbing ‘White’ (Slavic) nationalism whilst harping-on about what the Soviet Union achieved between 1941-1945 – missing-out the part about ‘Marxist-Leninism’ being the strongest motivating factor underlying the Soviet success! Today, the very factors that traditionally embrace, preserve and project fascist ideology – such as the ‘Church’, ‘race’ and ‘nationhood’, etc – are being used by the modern Russian State as justifiers to use military action in Ukraine! The point being missed by the modern Russian Authorities is that if your country ‘embraces’ the forces of predatory capitalism, then sooner or later fascism will emerge! Modern Russia is no more immune to this than the UK and US are – two countries that united with the USSR between 1941-1945 to fight fascism – but which are now both actively ‘supporting’ Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe!  

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