Louis Theroux’s Forbidden America – A Case of the Emperor’s New Clothes? (2022) 

Don’t Mention the ‘Non-White’ Person in the Room – Who Also Happens to be Continuing the Historical Association Between the Catholic Church and Fascism!

 ‘Joe Rogan is a powerhouse – it’s extraordinary what he’s done’

Louis Theroux – GQ Magazine

Although Louis Theroux has attempted to revitalise his career using the US political far-right as his subject, it is interesting to acknowledge the fact that he has appeared on Joe Rogan’s Podcast on more than one occasion! In other words, Louis Theroux has appeared on a platform often used by the far-right (and its ‘anti-vaxxer’ agenda) uncritical of its host or its content! This demonstrates just how ‘selective’ Theroux is when its comes to criticising his fellow ‘White’ antagonists. His brother, Marcel Theroux, once travelled to China and made an ‘anti-China’ documentary falsely claiming that people with disabilities are ‘ill-treated’ (as they routinely are in the West – a point omitted by Marcel)! This more or less ended his career due to its obviously ‘racist’ nature as subsequently exposed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and various other official bodies, all of which published reports about the exemplary treatment of people with disabilities in modern China! This suggests that middle-class, privileged White people may not be the best barometers of how ‘non-White’ feel about the racism they experience from the White Establishment! Exactly the same reality holds for ‘non-White’ Palestinian men, women and children, who are the victims of ‘White’ people who happen to be ‘Jewish’ and/or ‘Zionist’!

Of course, another way of assessing ‘episode 1’ of what appears to be a new series – is that there is ‘an elephant in the room’ and no one dares to mention it! To understand these allusions, we must return to the beginning. Following in the wake of Donald Trump’s tenure as President of the United States during which the ‘shadow’ fascist State (which usually lurks in the background) made its presence obviously known by exerting its control of current events – Theroux’s documentary purported to investigate America’s contemporary far-right. This is to say, the documentary claims to be investigating the political descendants of Mussolini and Hitler – although the historical ‘right-wing’ of the French parliamentary system (at least before the execution of Louis XVI in 1793) – claimed to represent the political views of the aristocracy. What we end-up with in reality is a menagerie of internet ‘gamers’ – better known as internet ‘trolls’ – most of whom are either ‘non-White’ (and are ‘appropriating’ extremist White political culture) or so sickly in appearance and sluggish in intellectual machinations – that no White Supremacist group would dare to count them amongst their followers for fear of receiving accusations that they have ‘betrayed’ their Eurocentric cause and made their bed with the ideological enemy!  

Nothing ‘Gay’ About Any of This….

This incarnation of the far-right consists of adult-children still living with their parents and running a pseudo ‘Mein Kampf’ industry from their parent’s basement. Acting very much like spoilt children throughout ‘playing’ at being far-right – this motley collection of internet layabouts likes to ‘shock’ any potential audience with their racist, homophobic and misogynistic rhetoric – the reality is that they would be included in any ‘purge’ of society carried-out by a genuine White Supremacist movement as being ‘racially unfit’! Perhaps the oddest thing (amongst many) is a non-White woman complaining to Theroux that she has been the victim of ‘racism’ and ‘misogyny’ whilst trying to interact with this group! The sheer level of utter stupidity is difficult to fathom when looking into the murky depths of US counter-culture from the outside! Another peculiarity is the level of latent homosexuality on display amongst many ‘male’ members of America’s far-right. Either they are closet gays, not yet ‘come-out’ (and are in denial), or for some strange and bizarre reason, these followers of Adolf Hitler (who sent thousands of gays to the gas chambers during WWII), are actively ‘mimicking’ ‘male’ gay sub-culture in hairstyle, beards, clothing, body-language, interaction and general attitude. All in all, this was a very bad showing for America’s so-called ‘far-right’ which would be better described by Cheech and Chong as ‘far-out’!  

The ‘General’ Looks Like a Deficient ‘Goblin’…

Although Theroux attempted to turn this programme into an exposure of ‘antisemitism’, in reality I doubt any of these individuals even understood what a ‘Jew’ is – let alone possess the intellectual capability to assert any ideological ‘resistance’ to their singular or collective presence! The genuine far-right has always had an odd relationship with the modern State of ‘Zionist’ Israel. On the one-hand the far-right protests against ‘Jews’ – whilst on the other applauding Israel’s ongoing persecution and eradication of the Palestinian people (with the notorious ‘English Defence League’ in the UK carrying Israeli flags next to Union Jacks and far-right insignia on the streets! Theroux could improve his exposure of the far-right by informing his viewers that in 1975 the UN declared ‘Zionism’ a form of White Supremacy practiced by secular, White, middle-class Jews! This is why many people opposed to the far-right are also members of the ‘International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network.’  

I Can’t Workout ‘Why’ White People Won’t Accept Me in Their ‘Supremacist’ Group!


  1. Having read a number of his books – I find his output strangely ‘desperate’ in that he is attempting to recapture past glories – but has no real idea what these past glories were or how he acquired them in the first place! Of course, he is not Jewish as he once suggested in one of his interviews with the far-right. He reveals far too much about his private life – and is trying too hard to be famous in his public life. Certainly, the far-right shown on the TV seems a parody of itself. A shadow, impersonation or a piss-take. Certainly not the hard-core Nazi Germans and their allies who caused such carnage before and during WWII – and certainly not the ex-Nazis that were helped by the Catholic Church to escape to South America post-WWII! I live in South London, and about two-years ago I was in the back of a taxi travelling locally when the taxi-driver told me he was a Polish Catholic who was proud of his grandfather fighting for the Nazis! He said he was in the UK so that his daughter could receive a ‘free’ education at the St Philomena’s School – before going back to neo-Nazi Poland! He said England was a shit country because all the foreigners (?) controlled everything! The odd thing is that he did not seem to care that he was in a different country which has a history of confronting fascism! Again, I wouldn’t have called him ‘Aryan’ in anyway!


  2. I think the ‘pro-white’ movement of Western nations is controlled and manipulated and Louis Theroux is an instrument of this control, in that his television work in general is part of an effort (maybe not even intentionally) of bringing discredit on dissidents of various kinds.

    As is likely to be the case for any social, political or industrial movement, underneath the white supremacist/separatist movement seen in the media will be a more genuine ‘movement’ of some sort, perhaps in this case very amorphous and disorganised, but consisting of people who are trying to bring expression to real problems and frustrations.

    I think your essay captures this point in that what you are conveying is the vacuity and emptiness of the people Louis Theroux highlights, with their slogans and scripted way of talking, and the paradoxes and tragedies of this. Nevertheless, my belief is that Louis Theroux has selected such people as much as they are self-selecting. Theroux is not a Plimpton, Thompson or Wolfe. He is a disingenuous, plastic media personality (Jerry Sadowitz dismissively called him a “plastic Oxbridge c—” in a very funny sketch). Paul Theroux, his father, I am more a fan of: his travel books are actually quite excellent. Have you read the one about China? Riding The Iron Rooster, I think it is called. I have it on my shelf somewhere.

    Anyway, back to Louis Theroux. It is in the parapolitical and subterranean parts of political movements we need to journey if we really want to understand what they think and why. Theroux affects to do this, but as I say, he is not a Hunter S. Thompson. He is delivering a product before he conceives of things creativity, thus the creative process for him is an outcome of a strategy. That’s the wrong way round for anyone who wants to produce truly interesting work. If we want to approach these things ‘from the heart’, then we have to open our hearts and our minds and be honest and accept the goodness and honesty in other people, and then try to understand. If somebody asserts, “Ethno-European Man is superior in building ordered, technological civilisations”, there will be some truth in this, and some fiction, and some good in it, and some bad. Nothing is simple!

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