History Dictates That Russia Must Not Allow US-Backed Neo-Nazism to Prevail in West Ukraine! 

Kiev (along with Tel-Aviv) is a World-Capital Known to Warmly Welcome Neo-Nazis from Around the Globe!

President Biden is not as keen as former-President Obama to support the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime the US, Uk, EU and NATO (illegally) brought to power in West Ukraine in 2014! The problem is that the previous US policy of fabricating various incidents to confront Russia over is still filtering its way through all the governments of Western Europe, its media and educations systems – whilst the source of these anti-intellectual policies (i.e., the ‘White House’) has decided to alter these plans at short-notice being given to the mindless minions that look toward Washington to be told what to do on a daily basis. This is an example of the utter stupidity of the homogenised (White) bourgeoisie! (It had 74-years to disseminate the US Cold War lies about the USSR – but only a matter of months with regards to the Ukraine)! In the meantime, if only ‘capitalist’ Russia would allow a Rothschild-controlled central bank in Moscow (handing its financial affairs to the domination of the Americans) all this antagonism would stop! The real problem underlying all this is that ‘capitalist’ Russia refuses to plug itself into the international capitalist system controlled from Washington and Berlin! The Rothschild family owns most (if not all) central banks functioning within capitalist countries around the world (an arrangement which grants the US President a direct control of world capitalism), whilst Russia, whose Communist Party still attracts a substantial number of votes in the liberal (bourgeois) system it now employs – is viewed as ‘untrustworthy.’  

The Older Neo-Nazis Had an Opportunity to Get Some Exercise in 2014!

In many ways, modern (capitalist) Russia is hobbled by its Communist past and the magnificent victory of the Soviet Red Army Over Nazi German and Japanese fascism at the end of 1945! The NKVD Special Forces then fought and defeated a Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Force insurgency commanded by un-surrendered Nazi German Officers and staffed by Ukrainian (Catholic) volunteers in a vicious police-action that lasted between 1945-1947 in the forested areas around Western Ukraine. Weapons caches were uncovered that originated from US and UK military supplies and there has always been the suspicion that Churchill and possibly Truman colluded with the Vatican to supply these ‘neo-Nazi’ troops with weapons (this would fit-in with Churchill arranging for 10,000 Ukrainian [Catholic] SS Volunteers to be airlifted to safety and resettled in Scotland under the cover of them being ‘Polish’ refugees). The Soviet Red Army had entered the area in 1944 and continued to pursue the retreating Nazi German Army on its way back to Berlin! The Soviet Red Army was ordered to by-pass the ‘neo-Nazi’ insurgency and continue its mission of ‘liberating’ the huddled masses who had suffered over two-years from Nazi German domination, humiliation and genocide! (A 2017 ‘declassified’ Soviet document revealed that Soviet losses amounted to 41 million). Much of this killing happened in and around the Ukraine region of the USSR and took place in just a two-year period. The Soviet figure of 41 million deaths far exceeds the estimated 11 million killed in the Nazi German Death Camps, but the US Cold War policy of ‘disinformation’ censured the Soviet deaths out of history and directed the attention of Western Europe to the 11 million figure (privileging the Jewish victims, as a consequence).  

The Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Serve ‘Notice’ to Gays, Communists, Jews, the Disabled and Anyone Else Who Does Not Fit-In to Their Notion of Racial Purity!
What Nazi Germans Did in the Ukraine (c. 1942)

Whereas the US, UK and EU conspire to hide and distort Soviet history – Russia is being made-out to be the ‘aggressor’ in a situation where it is obviously the ‘victim’ of US foreign policy. Barack Obama – a ‘Black’ President – conspired to unleash an anti-Russian policy involving the US support for neo-Nazism throughout Eastern Europe and the former Communist Bloc. This thoroughly perverse US policy of supporting the very fascist ideology that has seen African-American people routinely lynched within America – outside of its own borders with a Blackman at the helm of the US government is so anti-intellectual that it defies belief! Furthermore, to add salt to the wound of this injustice, the US has been attempting to coerce the Ukraine and Georgia (the latter being the birth-place of Joseph Stalin – who is still popular amongst the local people) into joining NATO – the military arm of US aggression around the globe! Threatening the sovereign borders of modern Russia (capitalist or not) with the forces of neo-Nazism will quite rightly illicit a robust Russian military response which may include the ‘relief’ of the struggling self-defence forces of Lugansk and Donetsk – two ‘People’s Republics’ currently defying ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi encroachment in East Ukraine!  

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