Maintaining a United Front Against Fascism – Why Communists Must NOT Allow the ‘JK Rowling’ and ‘George Galloway’ Factor to Succeed in the Political Space! (21.1.2022)

Linked under the telling photograph above is the article entitled ‘Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton Introduces Anti-Trans Prison Bill.’ Interestingly, if we work backwards to the source of the motivation of this Republican Senator’s opinion – it is found to be a piece of disinformation perpetuated by the political far-right and Neo-Nazis, etc. Regardless of where a person stands on the issue of trans-sexuality – the quandary is one of whether Communists should allow the far-right to dominate the political landscape or not. Common sense (and history) says NO. The tens of millions murdered before, during and after WWII has been aimed at the Communist Left by bourgeois (capitalists) and the far-right (they fit together like hand in glove), and so Communists owe nothing to the Establishment or its hypocritical ideology.

Trotskyites also stomp this landscape devoid of moral guidance seeking to inject their ‘entryist’ poison wherever they can do the most damage to the Marxist-Leninist Left! Opposing fascism and the far-right must surely hold precedent over whether individual Comrades personally support trans-rights or not. The problem is that for a number of leftists, there is a reactionary opposing of the concept of trans-rights which plays into the hands of the far-right and supersedes the real issue of sustaining a united front and opposing fascism! George Galloway (and his nest of right-wing Trotskyite supporters) are a prime example of this, but by no means an isolated incidence. I sea many similar opinions written in Russian language articles (although not in Chinese).

The ‘IBM’ Number Cut into the Arm-Skin of Every Victim of the Nazi German Regime! This Early System of ‘Cataloguing’ Enabled Hitler to Murder 11 Million in the Death Camps and 41 Million in the Soviet Union in a Relatively Short Number of Years – All Co-Ordinated from Behind-the-Scenes by the IBM Head-Office in New York!

This narrative, if it is allowed to continue, demonstrates a very successful infiltration of the Communist Left by the far-right. The Soviet Red Army, after all, freed the gay people (made to wear the pink stars) who were being held in the Nazi German Death Camps at the end of WWII – even though many Soviet medical men were of the opinion that homosexuality was a product of bourgeois decadence and excess! This is a debate that Communists should hold ‘behind the scenes’ whilst protecting the young and the vulnerable behind a strong red wall that the fascists cannot and will not be allowed to break!

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