Review: Norman Ohler – Blitzed – How Nazi Germany Made Use of ‘Stimulating’ and ‘Perception-Altering’ Drugs (1933-1945)

A ‘Stoned’ Looking Hitler Looking for His Dealer!

‘December 16th, 1941, Nazi Germans defeated on the outskirts of Moscow – Church bells across Russia start ringing in celebration. Russian Orthodox priests are seen in full robe regalia carrying crosses held high and rushing from house to house drumming up support for the celebrations! Since June, 1941, the Germans had killed upwards of over one million Soviet citizens in the Ukraine – and taken at least six hundred thousand Red Army soldiers prisoner! Cinema screens across Russia depict Red Army recruits putting on new quilted uniforms and felt boats, whilst Nazi German POWs are shown starving, barefoot and wearing threadbare summer uniforms as they stand shaking and trying to warm themselves in the cold!’

Quoted from ‘Blitzed’ – Audible Version 3 hours 38 minutes

One of the best segments I have ever read about the Russian Front! As a Communist – I found this book to be one of the most satisfying – and dare I say – ‘stimulating’ – that I have read in a longtime! Authors with Communist leanings who gain popular success – communicate in a sort of ‘code’ to other Communists in the subtext – and I feel that communication here!

National Socialism was a very dangerous political movement premised upon the fascist ideology (as developed by Mussolini) and imbued with the lunacy and murderous will-power of Adolf Hitler! National Socialism, therefore, as confirmed by endless pre-1939 interviews with Hitler, was everything to do with ultra-nationalism and routine murder, and nothing to do with genuine ‘Socialism’. Hitler’s Nazism was premised upon a stringent socio-economic policy that only materially benefitted those ethnic Germans he viewed as being racially ‘pure’ – and openly discriminated against those Hitler had declared to be racially ‘inferior’. Hitler is routinely assumed to have been a ‘vegetarian – but Russian research shows this is not true. Yes – Hitler did eat vegetarian food – but he did this alongside the continued eating of meat-dishes. Although Hitler did pass laws to ‘protect’ animals and to abolish all slaughter-houses – these laws were were not yet enacted. Hitler advocated that only when a non-animal alternative to ‘meat’ was developed, would these laws be enacted. It is ironic, therefore, that many of the drugs that Hitler was given were derived from the inner organs of various animals – including bull testicles and sheep ovaries, etc. Hitler’s Nazism was also in-part an ‘occultist’ ideology that that justified its murderous presence in the ‘seen’ physical world – by a belief in spirits and strange powers that resided in an ‘unseen’ mystical world that Hitler strove to bring into this domain as a means of religiously boosting the fighting ability of his troops.  

Dr Theo Morrel – Hitler’s personal Physician – was quite happy to continuously prescribe highly experimental drugs to the Fuhrer which had the immediate (mostly ‘injected’) effect of instantaneously boosting his mood, relieving various types of physical and psychological pain, and imbued him with the vigour to continue his murderous activities with an even greater enthusiasm and personal power! This enhanced personal power was very important for the National Socialist Movement which gained strength, determination and stability from the central leadership of a very strong individual man! As Hitler was that man, and given that his orders were sending millions of German youths to their deaths, the maintaining of his personal appearance, charisma and strength of character was immensely important for the fascist movement. This is where Dr Theo Morrel prolonged the war and increased the killings during the Holocaust by continuously appearing to reduce, obscure and even ‘remove’ all the effects of stress, distress, illness and the natural on-set of the ageing process from Hitler’s public persona. The Nazi German regime, as Normon Ohler’s in-depth research reveals, utilised the taking of ‘stimulating’ drugs throughout ‘Aryan’ society, as a means to boost creativity and production across German society. Illness, fatigue, depression and the negative effects of injury were overcome through the application of highly experimental drugs (usually a form of methamphetamine) throughout Nazi German society, so that the entire population could be effectively mobilised for war! The productivity of the Nazi German work-force saw armament factories churn-out immense numbers of weaponry of various kinds – including advanced tank and fighter-plane designs – so that the millions of Nazi German co-opted into the armed forces could be fully equipped to successfully invade Western Europe – and of course, Eastern Europe! 

Concentration Camps were even modified or built from scratch to serve the purpose of exterminating any group of people deemed ‘racially’ inferior! As Germans took and became dependent upon mind-altering drugs and physical ‘highs’ – their ability to morally judge their own actions was terminally compromised! Between June, 1941, and late December, 1941, Nazi Germany was occupying the Ukraine area of the USSR and committing untold levels of torture, rape and mass murder! Dr Theo Morrell relates in his diary how for these six months the United States was not yet at war with Hitler and even pursued relatively ‘good’ relations! This led to the American company ‘SWIFT’ constructing an ultra-modern slaughter factory in Western Ukraine designed along the latest technological developments as seen in Chicago. Every part of the slaughtered animal was used – including the blood – which was collected and syphoned-off so that it did not run across the open floor. Theo Morrell became immensely rich by securing the glands (and other parts of the animal) through which he could exclusively mass produce ever stronger stimulant drugs for the Nazi German population! Furthermore, Hitler observed that the sheer technical efficiency of the American slaughter factory should be incorporated into the methodology of the Death Camps currently dealing with the extermination of inferior races! This book is an excellent documentation of how the pharmaceutical industry was developed within Nazi German and used as a device to ‘remove’ the perception of the average German from its contact with genuine material reality! Once this contact between common-sense and reality is broken through addiction to perception-altering drugs, then individuals and groups become easier to manipulate by an equally detached and maniacal leader to carry-out various and destructive actions that others unaffected by such drugs would find abhorrent! A masterpiece of investigative journalism that probably explains the obsession the far-right has with drugs today! 

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