Email: ‘Mind to Mind’ Communication – with Eminent Psychic-Artist Peter ‘John’ Newbury (25.10.2021)

Dear Peter

Thank you for your emails.

Good to hear all is well. I was, for a time, a Work Scholar for Dr Rupert Sheldrake (Cambridge), assisting what was then (c. 2006) the first generation of experiments regarding ‘mind to mind’ communication involving the internet and software that enabled individuals to communicate over vast distances (without ever meeting or knowing one another for that matter). Of course, there were teething issues left, right and centre, with post-graduates attempting to fix it all! Basically, a team of six named individuals would log-on to a secure online planform via the net – where they would be matched with other such participating teams anywhere in the world. Everyone would be given a ‘log-in’ time in their respective ‘local’ times – so that everyone was on line GMT at the same time and the experiment would begin (being monitored at Cambridge). One designated team member would attempt to ‘receive’ the ‘broadcasting’ of a particular number by each of the six opposing side – a process repeated six times on both teams so that everyone had a chance to both ’emit’ and to ‘receive’. Each attempt was logged and first answers could not be changed. Prof. Sheldrake was attempting to generate raw data that would support his hypothesis that there is ‘mind to mind’ communication and that the bias against this (which is evident within the mainstream scientific community) is ‘incorrect’ (later, and to my surprise, he would state to me that he was attempting the very different objective of trying to ‘prove’ Christianity to be ‘literally’ correct)! The resulting statistics indicated a ‘hit’ rate of around 50% which is nothing more than ‘average’ or the ‘expected’. In other words, a result that can be explained by ‘chance’ alone. The problem could well be the design of the experiment and the inherent bias which is inadvertently ‘programmed’ in. As such an existing system is designed to favour ‘chance’ – then ‘chance’ will be favoured. Of course, if psychic communication was so common as to be ‘normal’ – then a ‘more than 50%’ result would have been achieved. The problems are manifold because ‘mind to mind’ communication is not taught within Western culture and therefore only shows up ‘naturally’ within the minds (and bodies) of those genetically (and karmically) so predispositioned to exhibit such a skill (providing their life-conditions enable it ‘triggered’). The onus, of course, at least within modern society, is that psychic ability is NOT triggered and therefore does not show-up as statistically significant throughout the population. But here is the interesting thin – although not statistically significant, nevertheless, nearly everyone has experienced this phenomenon in one way or another, or feel drawn toward the ‘mystical’ in one way or another as if they are seeking a ‘door-way’ to the beyond. Furthermore, my personal view is that mind to mind communication does not have to involve religion – but it can involve religion if that is the stimulus needed. I know many atheists, non-theists and agnostics who question the existence and validity of religion far moor strongly than they question psychic ability!

Just a few words.

Best Wishes


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