How Trevor Philips ‘Supports’ the ‘White’ Racist Establishment!

The above (linked) article is an excellent example of right-wing resection perpetuated by a well known conservative-supporting newspaper. Trevor Philips is ‘wrong’ to define history as a static monolith defined by only one ethnic group that assists in its development and definition. What Trevor Philips does can be rationally assessed, exposed, deconstructed and dismissed as being both irrelevant and damaging to the Black community.

History is always in a state of flux and is always being dialectically transformed due to the discovery (or revealing) of new data and evidence, as well as the experience of unusual or unexpected events. History is only static in right-wing and ultra Conservative States and fascistic regimes. In these States and regimes a mythological history is generated and perpetuated to serve the ruling elite and to maintain it in power for as long as possible. This means that the State sanction interpretation of the past has little bearing on the known facts of the past.

The preferred history of the United States is a case in point. It is a racially fabricated mythology that perpetuates White privilege and political power from start to finish. The UK, although more fluid in gnus area, nevertheless tends to anchor its history around the support of the bourgeoisie, even if a certain leighway is permitted. Trevor Philips is a Black man of British birth who has been continuously promoted and rewarded by successive Tory governments because he invariably sides with the ‘denial’ that defines the White community with regards to its ongoing criminality, racism and corruption.

Trevor Philips does this – as a Black man – in the face of a protesting Black community who has to suffer the consequences of empowered White racism justified by the opinions of the turn-cost Philips! The Evening Standard prints the opinions of a Black man who supports the institution and preservation of White racism whilst simultaneously denying that exact same privilege tto the members of the Black community that have suffered violence, rape, persecution, maiming and death at the hands of White of White racists!

What Philip’s (and the Evening Standard) advocate is that the scale and intensity of how White racism manifests within White culture against non-White peoples – should be ‘monitored’ and ‘adjusted’ only by the very same White community that generates it! Trevor Philips is truly the ‘enemy within’ who is nothing less than a ‘living’ statue that praises the very racism thst oppressed and murdered his Black ancestry! Trevor Philips is a total disgrace who spends his life validity the far-right and making the White community ‘feel good’ about all its murderous deficiencies!

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