Weathering: The Health of Black and Brown People Living Within Capitalist Society! 

Everything said is true as regards the ongoing injustices of experiencing racidm day in and day out and the debilitating effects this has on longterm health and life expectancy – but within the heart of this truth is the lie that everyone is broadly healthy under capitalism – including working class White people. This is where class politics betrays the Marxism that previously informed and empowered Black Consciousness – and where the overarching politics of class begins to distinguish themselves from the rhetoric of race manifest within the anti-intellectualism of the American milieu, which has demonised and sidelined anything to do with Marxism. Marx would ask the inconvenient questions as to whether working class Black and Brown people are any less healthier within the capitalist system than their White working class equivalents? Or, are Black and Brown middle and upper class people healthier than their White working class counter-parts? The (White) bourgeoisie has forced Black and Brown people not only into physical ghettos – but also into psychological ghettos – where the fight is all about reemerging into the daylight through the correct application of dialectical reasoning. The Black intellectual community must re-engage with Marxism as there is no other path open to them. Of course, Mao Zedong, being non-White is often an inspiration to the oppressed races of the world – as he empowers through his interpretation of Marxist-Leninism. Even if Black and Brown people end marginalisation and are permitted into mainstream capitalist society – then all the strains and pressures that White working class people live under will come into play against the Black and Brown mind and body! This appears to be the ideology of ‘what happens next’? 

The cavet in the UK is that I know that Black and Brown people quite often experience very different psychological and physical medical needs due to differences in cellular biology processes which are the product of evolutionary trends with regards to manifest ethnicity, etc. These differences in health do matter as the British NHS is de fault set to cater toward the White majority population (a ‘one size fits all’ approach) and this became much worse after Thatcher switched the emphasis of the NHS from ‘need’ (receiving the best quality care and treatment because there was a clear medical need) to ‘cost’ (whereby treatments were either limited or abolished because they cost too much. Patients had to make do with second or third rate treatments that were often out of date, or opt to go private and ‘pay’ a private health provider for servuces which were previously free on the NHS). New Labour opened up the internal markets within the NHS and the Tories and LibDems took away the final impediments to a full privatisation in 2012. This means that in the UK at least, the working class must rely upon a highly deficient NHS whilst the rich can purchase the treatment they need. This pattern reostrs itself throughout the Black and Brown communities – but in the UK a high percentage of GPs are Black and Brown. When I told my Tamil GP about my Chinese DNA – she skilfully adjusted my medicine and took my biological differences into account. She had noticed that although I look White – my test readouts indicated another ethnicity! This is why I understand when some Black commentators call for a Black NHS with staff trained to recognise illnesses and ailments pertaining to the Black community. 

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