What Are the Laws Violated by the Falun Gong Cult?

The People’s Daily reported on March 21, 2001: Li Hongzhi (李洪志) and his “Falun Gong” have harmed the country and the harmed and killed the people! This criminality is obvious to all. “Falun Gong” exercises are part of the Cult’s mental control programme of brain-washing which fabricates fallacies and heresies that deceive the masses, manically accumulates wealth, and operates a destructive membership system which seriously harms families and society. On January 23ed, the self-immolation incident involving “Falun Gong” addicts in Tiananmen Square further demonstrated that “Falun Gong” is a cult organization through and through, reflecting its evil nature of anti-humanity, anti-society, and anti-science. Therefore, we must persist in uniting, educating, and saving the overwhelming majority, and crack down on Li Hongzhi and the very few plotters, organizers, and diehards who engage in these illegal crimes – with the State Authorities acting in accordance with the law. We must use legal weapons to combat cults and protect human rights. This is the desire of the people and a concrete manifestation of the implementation of the strategy of ruling the country by law. The illegal and criminal behaviour of Li Hongzhi (and his gang) has violated a series of fundamental laws and regulations of our country and deserves to be punished and sanctioned.  

1) The “Falun Gong” Cult violated China’s Criminal Law (and other laws). Under the guise of physical fitness, Li Hongzhi instigated and organized “Falun Gong” practitioners (who did not know the truth behind his illegal motivation) to besiege and attack State Agencies and news organizations, openly encouraging vulnerable and easily misled people to self-immolate, commit suicide, kill people, to refuse medical treatment and cause the death and maiming others. The act of accumulating money and killing is designed to disrupt the social order, and undermine the implementation of laws and regulations whilst violating the relevant provisions of China’s Criminal Law. Article 300 of China’s Criminal Law stipulates that those organizing and using guilds, cults organizations, or using superstition to undermine the implementation of national laws and administrative regulations shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years. If the circumstances are particularly serious, they shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than seven years. Anyone who organizes and uses guilds, cult organizations, or uses superstition to deceive others, causing death, shall be punished in accordance with the preceding paragraph. If a cult organization tricks or instigates followers to commit suicide, it should be convicted of abetting murder. The crime of instigating homicide is punishable by death, life imprisonment, or fixed-term imprisonment of more than ten years in accordance with the provisions of China’s Criminal Law; if the circumstances are less serious, it can a carry a sentence of fixed-term imprisonment of three to ten years. On October 30, 1999, the “Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on Banning Cult Organizations, Preventing and Punishing Cult Activities” passed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress the following clearly stated clarification: “Cult organizations who fraudulently use religion, qigong (or other practices to the same end) and adopt all kinds of methods to disrupt social order, endanger the lives, property and safety of the people whilst stunting economic development – must be banned in accordance with the law and resolutely punished.” “The organization and use of cults to undermine the implementation of national laws and administrative regulations, gather crowds to make trouble, disrupt social order, and deceive them with superstition and committing cult criminal activities such as encouraging and facilitating the death of others, or women to commit adultery and theft of property, etc., shall be severely punished in accordance with the law.” In 1999, the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate promulgated the “Interpretation on Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application of Law in the Handling of Criminal Cases of Organizing and Using Cult Organizations”, clearly stipulated the concept of “cult organization”, the application of laws for various crimes organized and used by cult organizations, and the boundaries of relevant policies and laws. It can be seen that these are laws to follow in the combatting of the “Falun Gong” Cult. 

2) The “Falun Gong” Cult seriously violates the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Minors. The Law on the Protection of Minors in China stipulates: “Whoever violates the personal rights or other legal rights of minors and constitutes a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law.” Li Hongzhi and his gang deceived and abetted minors to practice “Falun Gong”, exercised mental control over these vulnerable underaged individuals and attempted to encourage these ‘minors’ to engage in self-immolation. The tragedy of Liu Siying (的刘思), who set himself on fire in Tiananmen Square, is a typical example. Destroying the soul and life individual – this is a serious violation of minors’ right to life, the right to self-determination and other personal rights, and is also a serious violation of the law on the protection of minors, the law on the prevention of juvenile crimes and other relevant laws.  

3) Instigated and bewitched by Li Hongzhi and his “Falun Gong” Cult organization, his misled followers illegally gathered, demonstrated, printed, posted, and delivered illegal propaganda materials, and went to Tiananmen Square to make trouble, stir up trouble, create negative influence, and slander the Chinese government and the Socialist System. Disrupting social order, undermining the excellent situation of our country’s stability and unity, and seriously violated our country’s laws on assemblies, demonstrations, public security management and punishment regulations, and the Ministry of Public Security notices. According to regulations, public security personnel on duty can take measures such as removing individuals away from the scene, detaining on the spot, interrogating, and inspecting any illegal assembly or demonstration. Those who refuse to disband can be forced to disperse or be detained. Those who fail to change after repeated education may be granted re-education through labour in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. The organizers and commanders can be punished in accordance with the Criminal Law and relevant regulations. 

4) The “Falun Gong” Cult violated the relevant laws and regulations on the registration and management of associations in our country. Article 4 of the Regulations on the Registration and Management of Associations in China stipulates: “Social organizations must abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, must not oppose the basic principles stipulated in the Constitution, must not endanger the unity, security and ethnic unity of the country, and must not harm national interests and social public Interests and the legitimate rights and interests of other organizations and citizens must not violate social morals.” The “Falun Gong” Cult organizes illegally established a “Falun Dafa Research Association”, secretly established unregulated “counselling stations”, unregistered practice sites, and used all kinds of trickery as bait, including the application of “generating curses,” etc. Through this continuous “brain-washing” programme – Li Hongzhi organised an internal opposition to the Chinese Socialist System which obviously has “foreign” support and inspiration. 

In short, judiciary and law enforcement agencies punished criminals of the “Falun Gong” Cult for their ulterior motives and disruption of social order – not because they practiced “Falun Gong” – but because they carried out illegal and criminal activities and violated China’s laws. The judicial organs have punished a very small number of criminal members of the “Falun Gong” Cult in accordance with the law, based on facts, taking the law as the criterion, and complying with legal procedures and the principles of China’s legal system. Cracking down on the “Falun Gong” Cult organization in accordance with the law protects the legitimate rights and interests of the people, protects social stability and economic development, safeguards the dignity of the law, and promotes social civilization and progress. 

Author: Huang Yang (黄杨) 

Translated By: Adrian Chan-Wyles

Chinese Language Reference: 




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