How the SNP is Selling Scotland to the EU!

The SNP appears hell-bent on destroying the Scottish NHS, free higher education and welfare state! This is because Nicola Sturgeon plans to hold a referendum for Scotland to break from the UK – but then independently ‘re-join’ the EU! The EU was developed by the US post-WWII to enforce its will upon Europe. As a consequence, the EU is anti-Socialist and any country that joins it is required by law to sell-off all its socialised industries into private-hands AND never allow them to be re-nationalised again! Scotland rejected New Labour’s reforms that saw the NHS privatised in England, and never initiated Thatcher’s ending of free university education. Even social housing in Scotland is still functioning where it has all but disappeared in England (hence the rocketing in homeless numbers)! The SNP is attempting to force through a ‘leave’ the UK vote on the strength of anti-English sentiment in Scotland – but in so doing – the SNP is looking to betray the Scottish people into the jaws of the EU which will see a US-style implementation of capitalism throughout the country, and the abolition of the NHS and any other ‘Socialist’ entity now operating within the borders of Scotland! The SNP are linking a historical dislike for England with an embracing of an anti-Socialist EU and the wedding of the Scottish nation to the worst kind of predatory capitalism! This sleight of hand demonstrates that the SNP is a ruthless ‘capitalist’ government that wants to sell the Scottish people to the Americans! Of course, impendence from England is one thing, but shackling Scotland to the EU as part of the deal is damn right dishonest! 

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