Email: Three-Pointed Star- International Brigades Research (4.5.2021)

International Brigades Three-Pointed Star!

Comment on My Blog:

Hello! Thank you for writing this very interesting article on the use of the three-pointed star as an emblem of internationalism. This logotype appears on many Spanish Civil War era vignettes issued by the Alliance of Antifascist Women, the Foyer du français antifasciste, and the International Red Aid. I would be grateful if you could provide me with a reference regarding (what I understand to be) its first use at the Basel Section of the First International. Do you know who created this logotype? You can contact me directly at Many thanks and best wishes, Giovanni

Dear Giovanni

Thank you for your positive comment on my research post at:

Flag of the International Brigades – Explained

The ‘Basel’ reference you require is from the following Russian-language article:

Трёхлучевая звезда (Three-Pointed Star)Трёхлучевая_звезда?

‘Трёхлучевая звезда — эмблематрёхстороннего единства прогрессивных сил. Являлась эмблемой базельской секции Первого интернационалаи означало сотрудничество социалистов, анархистов и республиканских демократов.’


‘The three-pointed star is the emblem of the three-sided unity of progressive forces. It was the emblem of the Basel section of the First International and meant the cooperation of socialists, anarchists and republican democrats.’

I actually met a number of different academics in the UK and China – all knowledgeable in various fields of social science research – and no one could answer my question as to where the three-pointed star originated. Eventually I slowly pieced everything together! 

Best Wishes 


Dear Adrian,

Fabulous! And thank you for your quick reply. 

A colleague and I are writing a short article on the three-pointed star as used in Republican civil war era vignettes for a philatelic journal. Your help, in this respect, is much appreciated.
For your enjoyment, I include a couple of rare examples that we will use in our article.

With best wishes from Canada,


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