A ‘Red Army’ Is a Product of Inner & Outer Discipline!

The Author is a Political Commissar & Flag-Bearer!

A ‘Red Army’ is not an ordinary army. It is not a bourgeois army designed to protect and propagate the exploitation inherent within the predatory capitalist system. It is not a ‘middle-class’ or ‘upper-class’ army. A ‘Red Army’ is an ideological army the soldiers of which are extensively educated in the ideology of Marxist-Leninism. A ‘Red Army’ is an ideologically ‘advanced’ working-class army designed to ‘Liberate’ the oppressed masses from the exploitation they suffer under feudalism, fascism and capitalism, etc. Fighting the bourgeoisie is to fight a working-class which is being ‘forced’ to fight in the name of capitalism! Although the enemy army must be thoroughly destroyed – each individual soldier (and groups of soldiers) must be given every opportunity to a) ‘surrender’ and b) change sides and join the ‘Red Army’ cause! Those who will not surrender must be ‘removed’ as a threat, and those who surrender but refuse to join the ‘Red Army’ – they must be taken prisoner in a civil manner and imprisoned according to the law. Prisoners must not be psychologically or physical ‘abused’ whilst in custody – but rather educated through Marxist-Leninist classes of education. Whilst being treated with civility by Marxist-Leninists – POWs may well be persuaded to come over to the side of the ‘Red Army’ and the cause of fighting for the People!

Like the British Army – the Soviet Red Army Was ‘Expert’ in Bayonet Skill!

Each battle is a battle to ‘free’ the International Working-Class from the persecution it routinely suffers under the yoke of socio-economic persecution and fascistic oppression! The size and location of the battle will determine the political importance, but each conflict is a product of ‘necessity’ with regards to securing the strength of the Soviet State and the effective of its Socialist System! Although casualties are to be kept as low as possible, this very much depends upon the activity of the enemy and the type of forces they deploy against the ‘Red Army’. As capitalism is a vindictive ideology, the ‘Red Army’ cannot expect to receive any quarter in the battle. Although it will be ideologically ‘superior’ – it could well be the case that a great number of ‘Red Army’ soldiers will be lost! If this is the case, then so bit it – the working-class cause must never be abandoned!

Mass Ranks of the Soviet Red Army!

Massed infantry assaults can be effective if used properly. The ‘Red Army’ soldiers must be ‘mature’ and ‘well-trained’ – and not too young for obvious reasons. Officers at all levels must coordinate the attack effectively so that the objectives are clear and the casualties as less as possible. Whatever the outcome, the enemy must be made to ‘fear’ a ‘Red Army’ attack and to expect ‘hell on earth’ when the armed working-class enters the battlefield fully empowered to fight for its own class interests! If casualties are ‘heavy’ – then suitably trained replacements must be moved forward as soon as possible to fill the ranks. This is a proletariat sacrifice for proletariat objectives! As war is war – the bourgeois must be made to ‘fear’ the working-class ‘organised’ for war that is in-front of them!

Early Soviet Red Army ‘Bullet-Proof’ Vest!

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