BLM – the ‘Bear Facts’!

A Black Lives Matter (BLM) spokesperson has confirmed that according to the latest satellite wildlife photography monitoring project – an increase of ‘mating’ has been detected between polar bears and grizzly bears! The accepted thinking is that as global warming destroys natural living habitats – different species of bears are being brought closer together as their living areas diminishes! BLM, however, states that it constant protesting against racial segregation and the injustice of racialist injustice might well have something to do with it! BLM explained further by saying ‘Polar bears are traditionally depicted as White whilst grizzly bears are brown – do the math!’ This BLM tweet soon came under a heavy barrage of criticism yesterday from activists across the board – but BLM representatives remain unrepentant and refuse to back down! ‘The idea that the majority of of people of color are not trained as Zoologists and do not know what they are talking about is swinging dangerously toward the racist! Why should “White” definitions control the intellectual assessment of environmental happenings?’ When asked to explain their point in greater detail, the BLM spokesperson continued ‘White racism is pervasive. Research has shown that White children are taught from birth to ascribe “positiveness'” to everything colored “White” regardless of what it is. Polar bears are one example. At the same time, White children are taught to ascribe everything  “negative” to other colours with grizzly bears being one example of this. Due to our recent campaigns which have brought the attention of the world to this bias and prejudice which exists within US culture, it is only now that the White-dominated Zoological profession has started to realise that polar and grizzly bears are coming together and mating more than ever before! Perhaps this “White” guilt has had a positive effect and at least metaphorically made White people realise that segregation due to color is wrong and that it is only natural that two groups that have been artificially kept apart by previously insurmountable boundaries will eventually come together and positively interact!’ 

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