Guilty Verdict Sets Back US Human Rights Decades!

US Political Right-Wing ‘Shocked’ By George Floyd Verdict!

A shocked right-wing shadow establishment operating in the US responded with an incredulous disbelief this Tuesday as the Jury returned a ‘Guilty’ verdict in the George Floyd murder case! Heinrich Jeffries – a spokesperson for the ‘Keep America White’ (KAW) branch of the Republican Party – stated ‘This type of politically correct interfering with the functioning of the police force and judicial system will set Human Rights in the US back decades!’ He clarified ‘The deal historically was that we all pay lip service to tolerating the Blacks – with the caveat that the US remains a ‘White’ country for ‘White’ people whilst bringing a certain cultural pressure to bear that makes it clear that Blacks are not welcome or wanted here! Our ideal scenario is that Black people chose to go back to Africa and fuck up that country if they want to!’ In a later public forum, members of KAW made it clear that the blame for this outrageous ‘reversal’ of justice lies squarely with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement – described without any sense of irony as a ‘confederacy of disaffected negroes’ – and those liberal Whites who saw fit to betray their own race and support Black criminality, a betrayal that alleviated common criminality to that of a ‘cult hero’ status! Now, all police officers will be potential criminals prevented from apprehending criminals due to a perversion of reality that has turned the status quo upside down! Heinrich Jeffries finished one of his many speeches to a rapturous applause when he stated ‘It’s just like the beginning of the Planet of the Apes!’

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