Misrepresenting Tibet: The Hyper-Individualism of the 1960s Psychedelic Movement

The Misrepresentation of Tibet in the West (1962)

Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert – all Hazard Professors – were all from a White, bourgeois and highly privileged background. Regardless of how profound (or deep) the altered states of mind they experienced during their imbuing of psychedelic substances were, never once did they abandoned, transcended or overcame the ideology of predatory capitalism that had produced them. Just sit with this non-psychedelic insight for a moment. Richard Alpert (Ram Dass), for instance, made it very clear that he supported capitalist society whilst advocating a ‘hyper-individuality’ as a form of alternative spirituality. Just as capitalism reduces all classes of people into competing individuals – Ram Dass taught that his idea of spirituality was to enter further into this ‘isolation’ – and not to abandon it. In this delusion, Ram Dass has dragged millions of people with him, giving the false impression that the ‘enlightenment’ expressed within Eastern religion is identical with the effect psychedelic drugs produce on the chemical functioning of the brain (which temporarily alters how the ‘mind’ manifests). Distorting how the chemical structure of the brain functions is NOT the same as the enlightened states exhibited by mystical Christianity and Eastern religions.  

Even Westerners Who Have Not Taken Psychedelics Know the Dalai Lama is ‘Lying’!

Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) not only expressed an anti-China attitude toward modern China, but he also expressed sympathy for the Zionist violence of the modern State of Israel against the Palestinian people. The point is that no matter what Ram Dass says, his supposed ‘enlightenment’ experienced through psychedelic experimentation and yoga practice, (as well as his grasp of the world) is thoroughly bourgeois and reactionary. In other words, his viewpoints are no different to those brought-up in his class who have not imbued entheogens, and do not claim to have been through any transformative spiritual experience. Ram Dass was NOT enlightened through his antics, and his experiences did not help him to ‘see through’ the habitual ‘lies’ of his class or his culture. Regardless of the intensity of the chemical alteration his brain has experienced, Ram Dass remains firmly as he was born, a White, middle-class man born within the Jewish ethnicity. So much for psychedelics transforming the world! 

Modern Tibetans Have a Good Life and No Interest in the Corrupt Dalai Lama!

If Richard Alpert was truly ‘enlightened’, he would have understood how the capitalist West – that is, his class and country – has continuously ‘lied’ about what has happened in other parts of the world. On the contrary, all through his recorded lectures, he faithfully reproduces the US narrative of the Cold War – repeating the ahistorical ‘lies’ as fact. Furthermore, when he expresses these dearly held opinions, his character experiences a radical contraction and lurches toward the right. He makes it clear that this part of his understanding (which thoroughly supports predatory capitalism) is not to be questioned (a certainty of expression usually associated with cult leaders). As a searcher of the truth, Ram Dass should have ‘seen through’ the US lies regarding Communist China and its territory of Tibet – but has experienced nothing of the kind. Indeed, all through his lectures he insults and belittles China – whilst extolling the manic, hedonistic and dangerous behaviour of rogue Lamas living in the West! Falling for the US lies that ‘Tibet’ was ‘invaded’ by the Communist Chinese in 1959 – Ram Dass, Leary and Metzner all confirm their thoroughly bourgeois backgrounds and attempted to ‘integrate’ their hyper-individualistic (capitalist) psychedelic experiences with the collectivised and entirely ‘natural’ (and ‘Socialist’ friendly) attainments recorded in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.  

Modern Tibet is an Affluent, Socialist Society!

In 1962, these three Harvard Professors entirely misinterpreted the Tibetan Book of the Dead and reduced its non-capitalist insights to a state of bourgeois-friendly hyper-individualism. This is not Buddhism and neither should the temporary alteration of the chemical functioning of the brain be confused with any form of Buddhist enlightenment. Buddhist enlightenment is an emersion into a social, cultural and spiritual collectivity of ancient India – and has nothing to do with the hyper-individualism of the predatory capitalism preferred by the contemporary United States. How enlightened can these three men be, if they fail to understand that Communist China did not – and could not – have invaded a part of its own territory! This is a ‘lie’ concocted entirely by the US government that even has Wikipedia pages dedicated to it! The militant Tibetans invaded Western China over a thousand years ago and joined the two territories together. Furthermore, millions of ethnic Tibetans migrated into the provinces of Western China – where they still live today, dispersed around Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. The 14th Dalai Lama is a corrupt being who leads a terrorist organisation in the West. Ordinary people within modern Tibet have very good lives and no longer consider the Dalai Lama to be their leader since he became part of the CIA payroll. Of course, as with the exposure of any cult activities, those entrapped by the idiocy of Ram Dass, Leary and Metzner will not like hearing the truth – but the fact that none of their ‘heroes’ saw through the US lies to the truth behind demonstrates just how far away from the truth the psychedelic movement actually was!  

The Government of China Recognises a Number of ‘Living-Buddha’s’ in Modern Tibet!

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