Priti Patel – High Caste Hindu Relates to White Racism!

Priti Patel – High Caste Hindu Relates to White Racism!

A non-White person would never be allowed to penetrate or rise within the political structures of the White establishment if such individuals hold views that are not supportive, positive and reinforcing of the racially bias ideology that underlies such an establishment. For instance, a Black, Asian, Chinese or even Hispanic individual would never assume high office if they hold anti-imperialist, anti-racist or pro-working-class viewpoints. As it is not in the best interests to promote and support an individual who holds anti-establishment viewpoints – the establishment quite logically does not indulge these people, for to do so would empower the very opposition that could cause considerable problems to the status quo. The exclusion of anti-establishment individuals preserves the golden rule of never legitimising any criticism of the establishment, its history or its functionality, etc. 

Police Officer Laughingly Asks Priti Patel What’s She’s Doing in a ‘White’ Area!

As a consequence, this entire raft of opinion is side-lined and diverted away from the mainstream. To question the White establishment is portrayed as being highly ‘suspicious’ and ‘untrustworthy’ – and to those members of the White community who seem to think that racism, brutality and slavery somehow did the non-White races immeasurable benefit – actually view any rejection of the White community as being ‘ungrateful’! Anti-racism becomes a ‘threat’ to White hegemony – which of course, it is. Any dominant establishment that has built-up its power through centuries of oppressing, murdering and raping the non-White races of the world, deserve to be ‘destroyed’ and eradicated from the face of the planet – and that’s just me – although most non-White activists are satisfied to settle for a gradual ‘reform’. 

Union Jack Racism!

To discredit the anti-racist movement, the White establishment likes to hire non-White people who have been ‘privileged’ by White privilege and favoured by the White establishment. Although never fully accepted by the White establishment – such individuals are allowed into positions of relatively high office using their skin-tone as a passport. With these people supporting the White establishment and its racism – the White establishment can sit smug behind its camouflaged frontline with business unfolding very much as usual. Such non-White people serve as Judas goats and serve the function of legitimising White racism whilst removing all resistance to it. This is exactly the role Priti Patel serves. Whilst her non-White ethnicity faces the unmoving wall of White racism – she propagates the falsity that such racism does not exist and that the only real problem within British society is that generated by the non-White communities that decide to oppose White racism! This explains Priti Patel’s pro-White racist attitude towards Black Lives Matter (BLM).  

Priti Patel – Short-Sighted!

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