My Support for Joseph Stalin and Complaint Against the ‘Bias’ and ‘Racist’ BBC! (6.2.2021)

The ‘Great’ Lenin and Stalin – Saviours of the International Working-Class!

My Complaint: 

During WWII the Soviet Union – led by the great Joseph Stalin – were Allies of the UK during the darkest days of the war! The USSR lost between 27-40 million casualties fighting the Nazi Germans on our behalf as a nation. As both of my grandfather’s bravely volunteered to fight fascism during WWII (with my maternal Grandfather – Arthur Gibson – joining the Royal Navy and protecting the Russian Arctic Conveys) I resent the comment made by your female presenter – who thought it was funny to quote a ‘racist’ Daily Mail article referring to a news story as ‘Stalinesque’! Stalin and the Soviet Red Army fought for our Rights and survival in the face of the most barbaric fascist ideology! As a BAME family – we have only started engaging with the BBC again recently – following a decade of boycotting its racialised and bias reporting. I am complaining as an academic specialising in the history of the USSR – and do not expect any positive response from the BBC. I do not want my children brainwashed with this anti-intellectual attitude. 

BBC Response: 

Thank you for contacting BBC Breakfast. We try to read as many emails as possible but due to the high volume can’t guarantee it. If you would like to find out more about the programme or make a complaint please go to our website

One comment

  1. The BBC is a lier and never to be trusted, My father joined up and my grandad told him not to he had been in the Boer War and WW1 on the Somme, My father was in a tank regiment 5th Battalion of the Coldstream Guards one day he asked his commander why they were not advancing to Berlin his reply was whoever takes Berlin will lose a lot of lives and its better there Russian than Brits when my old man said but there our allies the reply was they will never be our allies. When my father final met them he thought they great


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