Israel Declares Covid19 ‘Anti-Semitic’!

Herschal Knee-Capper: Nazi German-Era Weaponry is the Best!

As news filters into the West that Israeli medical scientists have developed a highly effective anti-Covid19 drug – the Israeli Parliament ‘voted’ to designate Covid19 the first officially declared ‘Anti-Semitic’ illness in the world! Although this announcement coincided with China’s annual re-statement of support for the Palestinian people – Israeli spokesperson – Herschal Knee-Capper (a former ‘Special Forces’ General in the IDF) denied any association between the two events. He explained ‘Israeli democracy is amongst the most highly developed in the world. Following pressure from the newly built areas of settlement on the periphery of the Jewish State – our Parliament carefully ‘weighed-up’ the evidence and made our decision.’  

This controversial decision comes at a complex time in Israeli history – as the numbers of Jewish citizens ‘cured’ from the Covid19 infection approaches the number of ‘unarmed’ Palestinian men, women and children killed by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) in defence of the Jewish State. Herschal Knee-Capper continued ‘The Israeli frontline is very fluid nowadays, you see, in 1947, the boundary was clearly defined through UN Charters – but Israel has come a long way since being constrained by the rule of law! With America’s permanent support we haven’t had to be worried about international opinion since 1975 – when the Communists manipulated the UN to ‘vote’ that Zionism is a form of White Superiority! So what? No one can do anything to stop it in the current climate.’  

Although the Jewish people view themselves as the ‘chosen people’ premised upon the strictures of the Bible, the Jewish State has carried-out some manipulation of its own which has seen even a cursory acknowledgement of this fact by non-Jews as amounting to an ‘act of racism’! In other words, the distinctly ‘racist’ claim of ethnic superiority by the Jews is not to be treated in the same way as similar claims propounded by non-Jewish groups. Herschal Knee-Cappe again – ‘Covid19 has deliberately – and with malice of fore-thought – deliberately targeted the Jewish community. Tens of thousands of Jews have been infected and thousands have died – is that not the very definition of ‘Anti-Semitic’?’ President Biden immediately supported the Israeli announcement and threatened his own US population with immediate internment if anyone attempted a Trump-like ‘March on Reason’.  

Jewish Resistance to Israeli Racism!

North Korea condemned the Israeli decision as just another one of a long line of White, racist policy decisions, whilst South Korea advised ‘caution’ and asked to see a better translation of the Israeli decision before any official response was drafted. China stated that they do not interfere in the ‘internal politics’ of other countries (whilst mobilising large sections of the PLA), and the UK immediately offered all Israeli students with proven far-right political associations – citizenship of Great Britain and Northern Ireland! To celebrate this landmark decision, Saudi Arabia publicly executed twenty leading dissidents in a carpark opposite a mosque! Iran released a statement which pointed-out that as a White country – Jewish racism was no more acceptable than that of Nazi Germany or the US! The UN voted to impose new sanctions on any country that did not openly accept this Israeli ruling which effectively ‘criminalises’ a disease. The British Law Lords will meet soon to ‘ratify’ this Israeli decision and begin the judicial process of ascribing suitable punishments for any non-Jewish people suffering from Covid19 – found to have wilfully ‘transmitted’ this disease to the superior Jewish race… 

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