Lord William Forbes-Sempill – British Traitor

1941: Lord Forbes-Sempill – after travelling to Japan in the early 1920s – had become convinced that ‘Imperial’ (fascist) Japan offered a new model through which all societies could be re-organised. From 1925 onwards – Lord Forbes-Sempill started openly ‘spying’ for the Imperial Japanese government – passing sensitive military data via the Mitsubishi factory which was located in London (Lord Sempill would also receive his ‘pay’ from the Mitsubishi Accounts Department in London). MI5 called him in in 1926 and asked him to ‘tone-down’ the activity.

Imperial Japanese Bi-Aeroplane

As the British Establishment (led by Churchill) was busy ‘illegally’ destroying the Labour Party at the time, it was felt that it would not be good business if a prominent member of the British upper-classes was wilfully spying for a) a foreign power, and b) a ‘non-White’ power to boot! Lord Sempill was unfazed and unapologetic. His attitude was one of class-arrogance and natural dominance. As a consequence, and given that MI5 did ‘nothing’ in 1926 – Lord Sempill continued to ‘spy’ for Imperial Japan right up until just before the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbour in late-1941.

MI5 wanted him dismissed from the Royal Navy (where he held the rank of ‘Commander’) and imprisoned. As Britain and Japan had been good allies for decades – Lord Sempill could not be formally charged as both countries were not yet at war and were on good terms – at least ‘officially’. Prime Minister Winston Churchill interceded yet again and demanded that Lord Sempill merely be ‘moved’ to another Department despite the risk to security he represented. Lord Sempill was ‘warned’ yet again and posted to a remote Royal Navy outpost situated in North Scotland.

Winston Churchill – Fascist

In the meantime, on June 24th, 1941, two (Scottish) male youths (Gordon Archer aged 17 and 21 years-old Robert Webster Ireland) decided to unsuccessfully telephone the German Legation situated in (Dublin) Ireland as a ‘joke’ (from their native Dundee). The point was to illicit ‘peace’ proposals from Nazi Germany and effectively end the war. Both were imprisoned for three months for ‘endangering the safety of the country by fraternising with the enemy’. How different the working-class was treated when compared to the upper-class! Lord Sempill, of course, was just one of many members of the British aristocracy that openly supported the fascist countries around the world (such as Lord Tavistock, etc). (See: Hitler’s British Traitors by Tim Tate – 2019).

Lord Sempill’s Treachery Led to Pearl Harbour!

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