The Guardian and British Islamo-Phobia

Guardian: UK Islamo-Phobia

When the British broadsheet – The Manchester Guardian – is not busy fabricating fake news involving the racist lie that Uyghur people in China being ‘persecuted’ for some kind of ‘Chinese’ racist grudge, it is reporting genuine stories involving the ‘White’ racist bullying of Muslims living in the secular, capitalist culture of the UK! Unlike the lies the Guardian prints about China, Muslims in Britain suffer tremendous and unending racism from the White majority country. Every peace-loving Muslim in the UK who has never committed a crime is considered a ‘terrorist’ and is held collectively responsible for the actions of a few. Within China this type of racist bullying is not allowed as Muslim people are protected by the Socialist Law. The only terrorists in China have been armed and trained by the United States and ‘infiltrated’ into the Xinjiang area where they target innocent Uyghur people as they go about the lawful, daily activities! 

Racist British Newspaper Expressing ‘Islamophobia’!

Racial attacks in the UK are often and quite routine. The British police expect non-White people to be regularly attacked by White people for no other reason than not being ‘White’. This is the capitalist utopia the Guardian supports when it deliberately ‘lies’ about life within Mainland China. Of course, the Guardian is not alone, but it does consider itself left-wing and intellectual – when in reality it is none of these things. The moral outrage with which its ‘lies’ is truly extraordinary – as if it actually ‘believes’ the lies it prints! The Guardian is just as racist as the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph but tries to camouflage its racism through a thin veneer of ‘debate’ and ‘pseudo-concern’ for a group of people that do not exist in the assumed manner of apparent oppression. One thing that the Guardian does not do is tell the truth about China – because this would mean the ‘giving-up’ of its habitual racism. 

Many Muslims Work in the British NHS!

This is how bad things are in the UK. A twelve-year-old Muslim school-girl is being ordered by her local to school authority to wear a shorter skirt in the classroom – one that exposes more of her lower legs. Only in the decadent West would a school-girl be subjected to this type of highly ‘immoral’ harassment! Why should a twelve-year-old girl have to show-off more of her body because the British authorities demand it? Why isn’t the Guardian newspaper ‘outraged’ by this form of obvious racism and misogyny? This is just one of the many disturbing ‘racist’ issues that are common in the UK. Many other incidents involve British White people using violence to maim, rape and even kill innocent Muslim people! Of course, logic and reason are not strong-points within the capitalist system – but this situation does highlight the injustice that China suffers at the hands of the British press. The UK is a cesspit of race-hate, violence and persecution. Uyghur people in China are shown articles such as the above as part of their world education and they are left astonished by the lies White people talk about them – and their own Muslim populations! 

White Racists Concerned About Islamic Real Estae!

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