What Brexit-Lexit Was About!

EU Legislation is Anti-Socialit!

For the British political right-wing – ‘Brexit’ meanes ‘Britain Exit’ from membership of the European Union (EU). For the British political lift-wing – ‘Lexit’ stood for ‘Left Exit’ from membership of the European Union (EU). As the British establishment and media favoured (and supported) the right-wing’s racially-motivated call for the UK to leave the EU – the left-wing’s sophisticated economic arguments against EU membership remained highly marginalised and virtually non-existent to most people who did not go searching for it. In many ways, the left-wing’s sound economic and political reasons for opposing the EU had to be suppressed by the British mainstream – so that the UK could be ‘protected’ from the obvious threat of Great Britain descending into a Socialist State which rejects the US-style capitalism the far-right and the EU favour. As the bourgeois establishment wanted to preserve its membership of the pro-capitalist EU – it sanitised the debate around EU membership – and limited it to staying in the EU and rejecting racism – as opposed to ‘leaving’ the EU and ‘embracing’ racism! This ignored entirely the leftist argument that the EU was developed by the anti-Soviet and anti-Socialist US in a post-1945 Europe – the Americans linking ‘aid’ to ‘compliance’.  

The EU is ‘Racist’ and Anti-Working-class!

As a consequence, the EU is a private members’ club for bourgeois ‘White’ capitalists and as the EU exercises an overtly ‘racist’ immigration policy (designed to keep Black, Asian and Chinese people ‘out’ of the Euro Zone) – rejecting the right-wing political ethos of the EU has nothing to do with ‘race’ and everything to do with ‘economics’. The membership rules for the EU demand that its constituent members must ‘privatise’ ALL Socialist and Socialised establishments in their respective societies. This means that ALL welfare systems, socialised housing, free healthcare provision and free education, etc, must be dismantled and ‘privatised’ so that a system of US-style private insurance must be initiated. The EU also discourages left-wing Unions that fight to ‘protect’ the rights of workers – who lose their right to live in a stable life in their own country – where all their needs are met and those of their families. Instead, the EU demands that only the middle-classes can enjoy this life of ‘stability’ – whilst the working masses face the prospect of having to travel hundreds or thousands of miles just to get a low-paying job in some other part of Europe! Workers are forced into this EU ‘travelling freely over borders’ because they no longer have any ‘Socialistic’ establishments to rely on at home! When there is no welfare system or healthcare – workers are ‘forced’ to move to secure even low-paid employment! This is the ‘fascism’ of the EU packaged as ‘freedom’. 

The UK was Not Part of Nazi Germany – and is Not ‘Out’ of the EU!

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party promised to ‘reverse’ the EU-inspired privatisation of the NHS in 2012 (by the Tories and LibDems) – if two things were made to happen by the British electorate. The first demand was that the British electorate a) secure a referendum about EU membership, and b) vote ‘out’ when the time came. The second demand was to elect a Labour government under Corbyn – and he would reverse the EU-cuts and re-establish the NHS and the welfare system! The workers achieved the first demand – but could not achieve the second demand. This failure was caused in-part by Jeremy Corbyn himself – who asked the British working-class to vote ‘out’ of the EU on the grounds the EU is anti-Socialist – but who then buckled to the British establishment and the Labour right by referring to ‘out’ voters as ‘fascists’! This betrayal of the British working-class by Jeremy Corbyn –coupled with his hinting of ‘re-joining’ the EU – led to swathes of traditional Labour voters in its Nothern heartlands doing the unthinkable – and voting Tory – to ensure that the UK left the EU! After -all – it is not ‘racist’ for the British working-class to end an element of its own persecution through ‘voting’ to oppose the ‘White’ hegemony of the EU! 

No Justice in the EU!

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