Poland and the Diversity of ‘Fascism’

‘Liberated’ Poles Assist the Nazi Germans to Attack Ethnic Jews (1939)

Poland today, interprets history through the bias of its preferred neo-Nazi filter. This turns history upon its head and it is astonishing how quickly this ‘new’ and ‘distorted’ view of past events is accepted as gospel by the revisionist ideologues of the capitalist West. According to these ideologues, the smoke and mirrors deployed to ‘hide’ the actual facts – project the falsehood that the Poland of the 1930s was a wonderfully ‘free’ and almost ‘Bohemian’ advanced capitalist State – which favoured multiculturalism and resembled something akin to a sedate and sleepy English village situated on the ‘wild’ borders of the European East. According to this out of focus history – Poland forms a civilised barrier to the barbaric ‘Asian hordes’ that lay just beyond, and which eye Europe’s civilised wealth with envious eyes! The survival of Poland is presented as indicative as guaranteeing the existence and survival of European culture and European self-determination. None of this is true, nor is it correct. It is a contrivance – a falsehood and fabrication – consisting of ornate layers of historical misrepresentation.  

Many Polish Military Unites ‘Welcomed’ the Nazi German Invasion! (1939)

This abhorrent representation of Poland was constructed by Winston Churchill (and the British government he was the ‘dictator’ of) to justify to the British general public why it was in their best interests to go to war yet again with Germany – just 21-years after the end of the last war! In reality, Poland was a vicious fascist State which was allied to Nazi Germany with a considerable glee. Goebbels had visited Poland in 1934 (the year of the Poland – Nazi German Non-Aggression and Mutual Assistance Pact) to much fanfare and the Poles had even constructed a ‘concentration camp’ in the Bereza area to ‘process’ Jews when the time came for the complete alignment of Polish domestic policy with that of Nazi Germany. In 1938, the Polish Fascist Army joined Nazi German troops during the invasion of Czechoslovakia! The Trotskyite Polish regime of the time very much favoured the Nazi German version of fascism and directed Polish culture in that direction. Fascist Poland could not have been any more ‘different’ from Britain even if it tried!  

Smiling Poles Welcome the Nazi German Invaders! (1939)

Hitler betrayed Poland because he was more or less insane and did not care about the loyalty Poland had shown him. The modern nation State of Poland – according to Hitler – was a false State built partly upon ethnic German territory and was populated in part by the racially inferior ethnic Slavs! None of these infringements upon German territorial expansion (or racial purity) could be tolerated – particularly as Poland represented a clear land-corridor from Germany to the USSR that could be used by the Hitlerite military for the intended invasion! Other than a pre-emptive (and ‘total’) non-conditional surrender – there was no way that Poland could have avoided ‘war’ with its previous fascist ally – Nazi Germany. Even Mussolini was not keen on this attack – as he felt it could lead to a world war that would not benefit the fascist world – and which could lead to its demise – particularly if the democratic and Communist countries were ‘united’ against the fascist axis powers!  

Classes of Polish School-Children ‘Greet’ Nazi German Invaders! (1939)

Great Britain had no reason to link ‘war’ with the Nazi German invasion of Poland. Churchill and his ilk simply wanted to prevent Hitler taking any more land and potentially create a common border with the USSR. Britain did not care about Poland or the USSR – but it did care about the compromise and its own loss of influence in the world. The UK still believed that it could destroy the Soviet Union itself and possibly ‘colonise’ the vast hinterlands that comprise the Soviet Union (the same ‘intended’ policy of Hitler). This could have been a reversal of the loss of the Americas in the West for the UK – by gaining huge territories in the East. These ideas existed even before Churchill assumed dictatorial powers in the UK – but such ideas resonated quite clearly with his deepest aspirations and inflated sense of self-importance. Indeed, having access to the USSR borders was the (failed) inspiration behind the British military invasions of Norway in 1939! 

Proud ‘Fascist’ Polish Military Welcomed Nazi German Invaders! (1939)

Modern Poland, as a Catholic State, today has a neo-Nazi government which paints its history as one of ‘victimhood’ and the Nazi German ‘invasion’ (which led to the systematic murder of millions) as ‘liberation’ – and the Soviet ‘liberation’ as an ‘invasion’! Furthermore, this ‘new’ neo-Nazi history omits the fact that Polish people ‘volunteered’ to act as ‘Kappos’ in the Death Camps – collaborating with the Nazi Germans in their extermination of millions of innocent people. Thousands of other Polish men joined the Nazi German military – far more than who escaped to the UK – although it must be said that the RAF pilots who bombed Dresden were all ethnic Poles. Indeed, the Nazi German invasion of Poland was merely an ‘excuse’ for the UK to go to war and cause WWII to happen. Poland had no cultural relevance or value for the UK –particularly as it was a fascist State when Hitler invaded it! 

Ethnic Poles Assist the Nazi Germans Round-Up of Polish Jews! (1939)

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