Email: Trump and the Phantom Vote… (11.11.2020)

Fascist Trump Supporters Become a Rabid Mob After Losing Election (2020)

Dear Gillian 

Thank you for your email(s). Trump has lost the US General Election on exactly the same bourgeois grounds that he won it – by how that system decides on what it thinks is a ‘popular’ vote! His irresponsible rhetoric is whipping-up a racist mob as a means to short-circuit the democratic system that placed him into power (basically, resorting to type). This reads very much like how Hitler came to power in 1933 – and immediately ‘abolished’ the democratic system that elected him (sort-of)!

Hitler’s Supporters Adore Him! (1933

There’s no conspiracy – at least nothing beyond the usual (bourgeois) class interest. The same system that threw Trump up is now set to pass him out. The capitalist system is the inevitable ‘real’ winner. Besides, when I checked what the international observers had to say – no irregularities. Your assumption that the system is ‘fair’ – but is now being ‘unfair’ is the key. The system was never fair. As neither one of us was personally present at the election, and given that neither one of us possesses any special or inside knowledge on this matter, it all comes down to data flow and control of that data flow (i.e. preference and belief) . From the identical pool of knowledge available to ourselves (primarily the Internet), we pick and choose to suit the point we want to make.

My point is that a vicious, racist and fascist bastard has been unseated by the very same biased political system that propelled him into power. You must exorcise the Catholic daemon that supports fascism – or accommodate it through honesty (dishonesty). Either way, my disinterest remains intact. 

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