Email: Liberal Democracy is a Fraud (11.11.2020)

The Unthinkable – Has Trump Won the 2020 Election?

Dear Gillian  

Building on your observations – that there has been some kind of ongoing voting fraud in the US – you are correct but perhaps not in a manner not quite as you intended. Liberal democracy is a fraudulent method of governance devised by the bourgeoisie to maintain its control of the means of production, and therefore control of the political process which controls society. Within this context – the liberal democratic is ‘fair’ – but only ‘fair’ when viewed from within the context of its own inherent ‘inequality’. This corrupt system is designed so that its self-defence mechanisms function so as to ‘limit’ the political freedom of the workers. How so?  

Newark Race Riots (1967) – Will Trump Deploy the Army?

By preventing the working-class from actively ‘voting’ the capitalist system out of existence. All the workers are allowed to do is to contribute their votes toward electing a representative who will preserve the capitalism of bourgeois privilege – whilst simultaneously claiming to ‘represent’ the workers with a minor reform here – and a small alteration there – nothing that cannot be easily ‘undone’ with the election of the next administration.  

One of These Men is a Ruthless Dictator – the Other Runs North Korea!

In the meantime, the only leftists tolerated in the British and US systems are Trotskyites like Jeremy Corbyn or Bernie Sanders (both routinely criticise China and North Korea),  who are kept firmly on the fringes of mainstream politics (presented as ‘freaks’ by the mainstream media), or character assassinated as was Jeremy Corbyn when it appeared that he would gain power and reinstate the NHS, reject EU fascism, empower the Trade Unions, reject US neo-imperialism, recognise Palestine and hold Israel to account for its ongoing racism and War Crimes, etc.  

If Only ‘Labour’ was as ‘Communist’ as this ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ Poster Suggests!

The British media really did a thorough and comprehensive job on him – and yet at local and national levels he lost at least six elections! How could a politician who was so popular amongst the people lose a General Election as if he was a horrible neo-Nazi? Of course, the US media is always propagandising against British Socialism and the NHS – claiming that the British population is being ‘imprisoned’ by some type of obsolete Soviet-style Bolshevism! One Fox News documentary compared the NHS to North Korea (if only the NHS was as good as North Korean care!) – implying that we all lived in the imagined prison camps that the average American thinks defines the DPRK!  Anyway, my friend, I value your insight and deeply appreciate your observations and wise words. If Tump is right – then the US really is a heap of shit! – far worse than I imply here!  

Political Illteracy in the US is Alarming!

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