Email: SS Major Victor Capesius – Auschwitz had a Pharmacist? (23.10.2020)

SS Major Victor Capesius (Right) Killed Thousands!

Dear Gillian 

I am glad and proud that my grandfathers went to war against fascism and fought the likes of this scum! Victor Capesius – the Pharmacist (with an ‘interest’ in Dentistry) of Auschwitz was a Romanian ethnic German who rose to the rank of ‘Major’ in the Waffen SS (after volunteering for service). Romania was politically dominated by ethnic Germans when Hitler came to power and immediately sided with the Nazi regime – although this was not popular amongst Slavic Romanians (and might explain the lacklustre performance of the Romanian Army under German direction in the USSR). I suspect many Romanian Slavs (possibly in entire military units) defected to the Soviets. The Soviet liberation of Romania – the Romanian Socialists (mostly Slavs) shot most of the previous government members who collaborated with the Nazis. Victor Capesius, however, performed a dual function in the Death Camps. The Death Camps were surrounded by Waffen SS gyms, restaurants, swimming pools, nurseries, libraries, housing, stables and bars, etc, as well as GP Centres and hospitals all designed for use by SS Officers and their families. A sort of ‘Club Med’ vibe just meters away from centres of mass murder, rape, starvation and sheer terror! Victor Capesius was employed (like millions of other Nazis) by IG Faber Bayar as a Pharmacist and as the Head Dentist – in-charge of the health and dental hygiene of the Waffen SS. That was what we might call his ‘day job’. His night ‘night job’ involved him and his colleagues extracting ‘gold teeth’ from the gums of mostly dead Jews after mass gassing (but occasionally from the still screaming mouths of the living). These teeth were stacked in hundreds of travelling-trunks before being melted down to make gold bars. Capesius (along with his colleagues) often pilfered gold teeth and sent them home to his wife (in the normal post for safe keeping) – to be used after the war as hard currency.

Teeth from Auschwitz

He was partial to teenage Jewish girls marked for extermination – and he would keep them alive as sex slaves until he got bored with them. He would shoot them and move on to the next. He enjoyed standing at the train-head and personally deciding who would live and who would die from the arriving transports. Fit men (and attractive women) to the right for work – women, children and the elderly to the left for immediate extermination. The Hungarian Transports were last big exterminations he personally dealt with. The Hungarian fascists had rounded up their Jewish populations with an enthusiasm denied after the war (or even today)! After the war he was arrested by the British in Belgium who had no record of who he was. He was then realised but rearrested by the Americans who handed him over to the German Authorities. He lied about his past and was released as a good Lutheran Christian who was forcibly recruited into the SS. However, in Socialist Romania, he was a sought-after War Criminal and was tried and sentenced to death for Crimes Against Humanity ‘in-abstentia’. His wife and three children were forbidden to leave due to their association with a Nazi War Criminal. Extraordinarily, the US-dominated West failed to effectively communicate with the Socialist East – leaving Victor Capesius to live a new life free of any responsibility for his past.

Victor Capesius Enjoys the SS Leisure Facilities at Auschwitz!

Furthermore, by 1947, the US was rolling out its anti-Soviet ideology across Europe – linking reconstruction loans to supporting anti-Soviet and anti-Socialist policies. This US anti-intellectual rewriting of history began the process of conflating Joseph Stalin with Adolf Hitler, and the Soviet Red Army with the Nazi War Machine! Things were bleak, to say the least. Victor Capesius was not arrested and imprisoned in West Germany in 1959 to await trial – but was not found guilty until 1965.

Victor Capesius ‘Laughs’ Through His Trial

For the death of millions, he was given a 9-year sentence but was released as a ‘loyal German’ (born in Romanian) after only serving two and a half years! He then opened a very successful Pharmacy in West Germany and was renowned as a German Patriot who had dared to oppose all the enemies of Nazi Germany, (i.e. the Jews, the Bolsheviks and the conquering Allies). Indeed. By the time Victor Capesius died in 1985 – the West German State (encouraged by the US and its anti-Soviet ideology) – had declared him a German ‘hero’ of WWII who had bravely opposed Bolshevism spreading into Poland! He had a State provided house and lived on a generous State Pension. This type of revisionism was applied to thousands of ex-SS War Criminals as the US worked toward an anti-Socialist European Union! Even the Israeli Mossad had to obey the CIA orders of which ex-Nazis the Zionist State could murder (without trial) and who they should ignore – despite hundreds of individual Jewish Holocaust survivors recognizing Victor Capesius and providing damming evidence. Israel quietly ignored his presence and forbid Mossad Agents from arresting him or going after him. Victor Capesius was unrepentant until his final days. 

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