Which was China’s First International Email (25.8.1986) or (14.9.1987)?

An alternative (and certainly ‘earlier’) claim involves Chinese scientists working with the ALEPH group at the Institute of High Energy Physics during 1986 (ALEPH was concerned with high-energy physics experimentation conducted through the High Energy Electron Collider LEP held at the Western European Nuclear Centre). It was through the ‘International Cooperation Group’ that Chinese scientists participated in the ALEPH group. (The Institute of High Energy Physics was a member of the International Cooperation Group). On August 25th, 1986, at 04:11 hrs Geneva time, Switzerland, and 11:11 hrs Beijing time – Wu Weimin (吴为民) – the leader of the group, sent China’s first ‘Electronic Mail’ to the leader of ALEPH using the IBM-PC located at the Beijing 710 Institute – directed to the computer stationed at the Western European Nuclear Centre in Geneva, Switzerland. This ‘Electronic Mail’ was directed to the Nobel laureate – Jack Steinberger – and constitutes China’s first successful international email!

Zhang Danhong (张丹红) – Maintaining Journalistic Truth Under the Spectre of German Racism (2008)

In the meantime, Zhang Danhong stated that her suspension was due entirely to her objective reporting about China, and her refusal to accept or repeat Western lies. The Western support for the 14th Dalai Lama and the Falun Gong Cult is the real reason her approach to objective and factual reporting has been attacked in Germany as such truthful reporting is a threat to the Western misrepresentation of China and her historic developments in all aspects of progressive development since 1949. 

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