Definition of the ‘Soviet State’ Within Socialist Law

Joseph Stalin ‘Frees’ the People!


Author’s Note: This is the first pages of a rare book (in English) which details the Soviet Law that was in effect during the 1980s when the traitorous Mikhai Gorbachev manoeuvred his way into a position of power and influence, and began the process of betraying the 1917 October Revolution and the dismantling of the Soviet State. This betrayal of the a) the Soviet people, and b) the international working-class built upon similar actions perpetuated by Nikita Khrushchev between 1956-1966 – which saw the falsification and distortion of the reputation and accomplishments of Joseph Stalin, and the alignment of post-1945 interpretations of Soviet history in the USSR, with that of the fabricated (capitalist) historical anti-Soviet narratives of the United States. Studying the Collective Works of Joseph Stalin, and cross-referencing this material with other objective and reliable material, it is clear that the US negative narratives are ‘false’ and present a right-wing, ideologically-driven (anti-Socialist) ‘mythology’ as concrete, historical ‘fact’. Periodically between 1924-1953, Joseph Stalin was continuously ‘elected’ into the Office of General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He was not, therefore a ‘Dictator’. Stalin took a fledgling semi-feudal and thoroughly backward country and transformed it into a shining Socialist State whose Red Army not only inflicted defeats upon the US, UK, Germany and their allies during the Russian Civil War 1918-1921), but went on to defeat fascist Finland (that was supported by Nazi Germany and the capitalist West), Imperial Japan and Poland in the late 1930s, but also ‘crushed’ the forces of international fascism between 1941-1945 as an ‘ally’ of the US and the UK!

The Soviet Red Army Protects the People!

The USSR, through the ‘Communist International’ also financed and armed the (the ultimately unsuccessful) ‘Socialist’ resistance to the takeover of Spain by the fascist General Franco (1936-1939). From 1945-1991, the Soviet Red Army remained the only genuine resistance to US neo-imperialism and naked capitalist militarism throughout the world. The leadership of Joseph Stalin modernised feudal Russia into the modern Soviet Union, built a world-class Red Army and provided Soviet science with the solid foundation that lead the world in the subsequent Space Race against the US. It is interesting to note how the US (which suffered no material damage during WWII), ‘struggled’ to compete with a USSR whose staggering casualties were between 27-40 million casualties from 1941-1945! Furthermore, a great extent of the industrial might of Western USSR was destroyed by the invading Nazi Germans during the same time period and had to be steadily rebuilt. The US Mainland suffered none of this type of damage and yet its decadent capitalism still strained to match the ordinary and expected scientific achievements developed within Soviet science. In 1936, Joseph Stalin oversaw the instigation of the ‘new’ Soviet Constitution – described recently by a prominent American academic as being one of the greatest documents pertaining to ‘human freedom’ that has ever been produced at anytime in world history! This note, therefore, serves to remind readers of the achievements of the Soviet Union under the great Joseph Stalin which are ‘omitted’ in the extract below. In all other areas, however, this extract stands as ‘true’ and ‘accurate’. My father – Peter Wyles – when he was young, used to administer the ‘Claimants’ Union’ – freely representing poor people in the UK, who, due to the inequalities of the capitalist system, were forced to exist on the Benefits System whilst being continuously harassed by the government Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS). This ‘harassment’ against the poorest and most vulnerable elements of British society continued at the same intensity regardless of which political party was in power – the assumption being that such people did not possess the ‘education’ or ‘financial’ ability to hire proper legal representation. To remedy this, my father recruited a voluntary team of academics and legal experts who were willing to ‘donate’ their time to help the poor. One such ‘volunteer’ was a ‘professor’ of Law who specialised in the Legal System of the USSR and who gifted my father hard to come by books which explained in detail Soviet Law. I now own these books and use them to teach my children and my students about the (inevitable) reality of Socialism! ACW (17.10.2020) 

Elderly Soviet People Had Pensions and Warm Places to Live in the USSR!


[ADAPTED 7 OCTOBER 1977 AND AMENDED 24 JUNE 1981, VEDOMOSTI SSSR (1977), NO. 41, ITEM 616;(1981), NO. 26, ITEM 838} 

All Young Peope Socialist Study Law in the USSR!

The Great October Socialist Revolution, performed by the workers and peasants of Russia under the leadership of the Communist Party headed by VI Lenin, overthrew the power of the capitalists and landowners, broke and fetters of oppression, established the dictatorship of the proletariat, and created the Soviet state, a state of a new type, the principle instrument for the defense of revolutionary conquests and (or the construction of socialism and communism. The worldwide historical turning of mankind from capitalism toward socialism had begun. 

Having gained victory in the civil war and having repulsed imperialised intervention, Soviet power has carried out the most profound socio-economic transformations, ended forever the exploitation of man by man, class antagonism, and national enmity. The unification of the soviet republics into the USSR augmented the forces and possibilities of the peoples of the country in the construction of socialism. Social ownership of the means of production and genuine democracy for the toiling masses were confirmed. For the first time in the history of mankind a socialist society was created.  

The unfading exploit of the Soviet people and its Armed Forces, who secured an historic victory in the Great Fatherland War, became a clear manifestation of the power of socialism. This triumph strengthened the international position of the USSR and opened new favourable possibilities for the growth of the forces of socialism, national liberation, democracy, and peace in the entire world. 

In continuing their creative activity, the working people of the Soviet Union have ensured the rapid and all-round development of the country and the improvement of the socialist system. The alliance of the working class, collective farm peasantry, and people’s intelligentsia, and the friendship of nations and peoples of the USSR have been consolidated. The socio-political unity of Soviet society has been formed, the leading force of which is the working class. Having fulfilled the tasks of the dictatorship of the proletariat, the Soviet state has become an all-people’s state. The leading role of the Communist Party, vanguard of the whole people, has grown. 

Women Were’Equal’ Under Soviet Law!

A developed socialist society has been built in the USSR. At this stage, when socialism already is developing on its own basis, the creative forces of the new society and the advantages of the socialist way of life are being revealed more fully and the fruits of the great revolutionary conquests being enjoyed more extensively. 

This is a society in which powerful productive forces have been created and an advanced science and culture, in which the well-being of the people is constantly growing and more favourable conditions for all-round development of the individual are being formed. 

This is a society of mature socialist social relations in which a new historical community of the people, the Soviet people, has been formed on the basis of the coming together of all classes and social strata and the legal and actual equality of all nation and peoples, and their fraternal cooperation. 

This is a society of high organisation, ideological commitment, and consciousness of the working people, who are patriots and internationalists. 

This is a society whose law of life is the concern of all for the good of each and the concern of each for the good of the all.  

This is a society of genuine democracy, whose political system ensures the efficient administration of all public affairs, the more active participation of the working people in state life, and the combining of real rights and freedoms of citizens with their duties and responsibilities to society. 

The 1917 October Russian Revolution Changed the World!

The developed socialist society is an objectively necessary stage on the path to communism. 

The ultimate purpose of the Soviet state is the building of a classless communist society in which social communist self-administration is being developed. The principal tasks of the socialist all-people’s state are: creation of the material-technical base of communism; improvement of socialist social relations and their transformation into communist ones, to bring up the man of a communist society, to raise the material and cultural level of the life of the working people, to ensure the security of the country, and to further the strengthening of peace and the development of international cooperation. 

The Soviet people, being guided by the ideas of scientific communism and observing fidelity to their revolutionary tradition, resting on the great socio-economic and political conquests of socialism, striving toward the further development of socialist democracy, taking into account the international position of the USSR is an integral part of the world system of socialism and being conscious of its international responsibility, preserving the succession of the ideas  and principles of the first Soviet constitution of 1918, the 1924 USSR Constitution, and the 1936 USSR Constitution, consolidate the bases of the social system and policy of the USSR, establish the rights, freedoms, and duties of citizens and the principles for the organisation and the purpose of the socialist all-people’s state and proclaim them in the present Constitution. 

Soviet Law Served ALL People!

WE Butler: Compiled, Translated and Edited by, Basic Documents of the Soviet Socialist System, OCEANA, (1983), Pages 3-4 – Studies of Socialist Legal Systems faculty of Laws University of London – WE Butler was Professor of Comparative Law – University of London. He was also ‘Director’ of the Centre for the Study of Socialist Legal Systems University College London. 

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