The Vacuous Nature of GK Chesterton

The Idiocy of GK Chesterton

This man is a typical bourgeois intellectual who, whilst living off the leisure-time earned for his kind through the sacrifices and suffering of the working-class, fails to do anything constructive with it. He has nothing to say, and insists on ‘saying’ it far too often. The man is a well-educated idiot who would have us cultivate a literal belief in sky-fairies. Born an Anglican who converted to Catholicism simply upon the ground that he had ‘nothing better to do’ – this vacuous individual attempted to lock-horns with some of the greatest Revolutionary-thinkers of his day. Chesterton pours scorn on anyone with a social conscience who dares to ‘see beyond’ their own selfish predicaments, and through the use of a peculiar anti-intellectualism, attempts to reduce all concern for injustice and hopes for a better future, into a belief of immaculate conceptions and virgin-births!  Chesterton turns his piercing gaze on everything but the utter stupidity of his own theologically-derived conclusions about the purpose and direction of existence. To fully appreciate the shallowness of this 19th century-thinker, it is best to listen to the first two chapters of his book entitled ‘Orthodoxy’ – which has nothing to do with Orthodox Christianity (a subject Chesterton knows nothing about). Social activism is – for Chesterton – the height of individual folly and stupidity! If a thinker does not submit to the literal notion of the existence of an omniscient sky-fairy, then Chesterton just does not want to know! GK Chesterton is an incredibly selfish and self-consumed individual typical of any superficial religionists who treats ‘faith’ as some kind of exclusive Gentleman’s Club! This type of person is nothing but a reactionary who will never understand the plight of the toiling working-class or comprehend the historical injustices within which it has to exist.  

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